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The best clothing for summer trekking, How to choose…

Clothing for summer trekking should be chosen with care, Why must reach a good compromise between lightness and comfort. Clothing for summer trekking varies depending on the type of route that you decide to tackle.

The basic components of the equipment for summer trekking also in 2018 I'm : the jacket, the t-shirt, pants , socks, shoes. Depending on the type of excursion hiking gear must be carefully chosen to address in the most comfortable and secure evidence and make pleasant the path.


If you love the outdoors and all ’ activities like walking along paths more or less off the beaten path, You should make sure that you have a pair of comfortable shoes that Wikiversity to be worn for several hours, preventing the formation of blisters, protect the ankle from sprains and foot from infiltration d ’ water. Trekking shoes or running must have the following characteristics :

Water resistance : Guaranteed by a membrane (Gore-Tex) that prevents all ’ water from entering in contact with the foot.

Perspiration : Fuoriuscita del vapore acqueo prodotto dalla sudorazione.

Flexibility : Ability of the shoes to follow the movement of the foot. This characteristic can vary depending on the intended use ’ ; for example if you have to face easy routes, You can use shoes that allow freedom of movement and are very light. If you have to face alpine trails or medium difficulty, You should use high shoes that offer greater protection of ankles and have a ’ midsole stiffer and therefore less flexibility.

Weight : The weight of the shoes is not an irrelevant detail, because too much weight results in fatigue and therefore greater sweating. If the shoe a little’ heavier is acceptable in winter, not in summer; in fact the summer hiking shoes are always lighter than winter.

We offer a range of brands that offer a ’ selection of shoes for trekking and runnng for every need : Aku, CMP, Montura, Technique, Salomon, Timberland, Adidas, Salewa, Shoe, Merrell, The north face, Columbia, Garmont.

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The jacket for summer trekking must be a Chief to take with you in your backpack and then must save space, but all ’ occurrence repair from wind leaving sweating sweat. The best trekking jackets etivo are made of Primaloft, Wicks make garments very lightweight and breathable, that provides an effective thermal insulation with a small footprint and guarantees freedom of movement in all activities.

If you think to navigate uncertain climatic conditions, may also be beneficial a waterproof garment, to be worn over the jacket in rainy conditions but without restricting movements.

The best brands that we offer are : Salomon, The north face, VAUDE, La Sportiva, Karpos, Dynafit, Haglofs, CMP, Montura.

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In choosing the t-shirt for summer trekking It is important to decide if you are going to deal with paths in hot and sweltering or in high mountains. For summer trekking in hot spots, It is better to use non-affiliated shirts so they stay fresher, avoid cotton soaking with sweat, but use of highly breathable fabrics; It is advisable to always have a change in your backpack. The most commonly used are synthetic ones t-shirts polyester, they are very lightweight and dry quickly sweat. In the choice between long or short sleeves you have to evaluate on the basis of ’ sun exposure of percorsoed insects present in the period. Polyester meshes best have an antimicrobial treatment, so you won't get bad odors after ’ use.

For summer trekking in the mountains you can use in addition to those made of polyester shirts merino wool or in Silk Route; natural materials such as wool and silk hold heat very well and are very pleasant to wear, but sciugano not fast because they tend to hold moisture l ’.

These three types of shirts are also used in winter hiking as underwear because it is breathable reduces temperature swings and move sweat away from the skin for not having a fastiosa feeling cold and wet.

The best brands that we offer are: X- Bionic, Salewa, Karpos, Columbia, Liod, La Sportiva

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When you decide to get in the way for a ’ hike you must wear comfortable trousers and resistant. The characteristics of a good summer trekking Pant I'm :

Breathability : the trekking Pant should keep fresh legs when gets very hot.

Confort : the trekking Pant should ensure maximum freedom of movement, so don't soono recommended zippers and buttons, but rather a comfortable elastic waistband.

Water resistance : Some models have the water repellent outer surface, that makes them indispensable in case of rain.

Lightness : the lightness of the fabric trousers; the nylon makes the pants so light that you forgot to have them worn, but at the same time are very resistant to tearing and do not cause noise by rubbing during walk, typical of low quality fabrics.

Some summer trekking pants offer the possibility all ’ occurrence to become shorter by removing the bottom thanks to ’ mail zip at half leg, but when it gets very hot short is always more apt.

All models usually come with pockets for storing useful items during the ’ hike (ES. : maps, GPS, Compass, knife, etc…)

The best brands that we offer are : Quick Silver, Karpos, La Sportiva, Salomon, The north face, Salewa


The trekking sock has the task to isolate your foot from friction due to rubbing during a walk, but also to help keep the foot dry absorbing l ’ humidity generated by sweating. This breathability polyamide and polyester synthetic fabrics as is conferred by. Often these thermal fabrics are combined with wool or cotton that are very comfortable but at the same time excrete sweat all external ’.

In summer trekking using relatively thin socks, with reinforcement in the toe and heel and with sponge under the plant to increase the comfort while walking. There are also models with working on my ankle to improve breathability or graduated compression models that promote l ’ oxygenation of calf muscles.

All these reinforcements aim to soften l frictional ’ hours of walking to enjoy in comfort the day of trekking in the mountains.

The sock length varies depending on the shoe that you use, There are short socks, medium and long. The sock is usually that more used for summer trekking, but the ankle must always be covered anyway.

The best brands that we offer are : x-socks (x-Bionic), Salomon, La sportiva, SK. wron, SmartWool,fortlaz, salewa, Trek

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