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The best trekking backpacks, help me choose…

Guide to choosing the best trekking backpacks by 20 a 60 liters. Here are some tips on how to decide which backpack carry during the next excursion.

The trekking backpack should be chosen according to the ’ excursion that you don't want to deal with; If we consider a short ride will be enough to use a backpack from 20/30 lt capacity, If the path is challenging and longer, you use a backpack from 45/60 lt so you can put all l ’ recommended equipment. The backpack that develops in length It is the most balanced, that allows you to walk better even if you face demanding sections; Unlike a backpack that develops in width can unbalance more easily.

The backpack has the following characteristics :

Adjustable backrest to successfully deploy the weight according to the ’ height of the person wearing it.

Padded shoulder straps to relieve chafing of the load during walking. The shoulder straps must have a chest strap that can ensure better balance.

Lap belt cover for the weight of the Backpack on dock, relieving the shoulders and back.

Hiking backpacks usually do not have large external pockets because you carry too much weight to the external ’, by striking imbalance and fatigue. You can find small side pockets to store small items. In ski mountaineering backpacks are compartments for storing shovel and probe because in an emergency you can quickly access these accessories.

The backpack should not be overloaded, must weigh the 15 to the 25% of weight of the wearer; so the heavier the backpack frame, less you can load internally and vice versa. To improve the distribution of the weight on your back, You must pay attention to the internal and external structure l ’, rigid or semirigid of frame and of the back the backpack. The back should allow good ventilation in the back, so it must be made from breathable materials closed cells that don't absorb sweat and moisture ’. In lighter backpacks on the back is one piece curved so as to leave some space between the body and the backpack for maximum ventilation.

In most technical trekking backpacks the back is divided into parts which support the back in order to absorb the stresses resulting from the walk in the mountains, so as to let air circulate free areas avoiding ’ l sweat to stagnate.

The brands we recommend are : Ferrino, Mammoth, Forclaz, La Sportiva, Salomon, Salewa, The North Face, Ortovox, Meru, Lowe Alpine.


of team 27 February 2017