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HEALTHIA and GARMIN together for an APP against COVID-19

Within the Innovaperlitalia call, financed by three Italian ministries, a working group was born that wants to develop an app that can monitor the health conditions of those who own a smartwatch: an easy and free solution to fight the spread of the new Coronavirus.

At the end of the 19th century, the French mathematician Henri Poincarè said that "Science is made of data like a house is made of stones: but a pile of data is no more science than a pile of stones is a real home "to remind its students how the orderly and precise value of information is important for any scientific approach.

A principle that is ever valid in these days where the collection of data on the health of an entire population becomes strategic for the purpose of defeating the pandemic we are experiencing. Having a precise database in the quality of the data and extended in demographic numbers, it means laying the foundations for scientific research that helps rulers make the right decisions.

It is with this intent that the "innovaperlitalia" project co-ordinated by Healthia of Rome with the support of Italian academic bodies to develop a new remote diagnostics IT model capable of carrying out a first screening in the monitoring activity of potential positive people at the Covid-19 virus of a large portion of the population.

In other words, Healthia, thanks to its skills in collecting and managing data relating to the health and well-being of citizens, will develop an app for the collection of some information through smartphones in combination with the wrist instrumentation produced by Garmin, able to detect some parameters, starting from oxygen saturation up to the heartbeat of the person wearing it.

«We are extremely proud that our Italian office has been involved in this pilot project - comments Stefano Viganò, Garmin Italy CEO – many of our smartwatches look like normal wrist watches, but in reality they are a concentrate of technology enough to allow, while not being medical instruments, to analyze numerous parameters useful for assessing the physical condition of the subject ».

In this sense, Healthia has identified Garmin as the ideal partner in the supply of instruments suitable for the acquisition of clinical data, social and environmental aspects of people potentially at risk of contagion: «The smartwacths of the fenix collections, Forerunner, MARQ, vivamart, vivomove, came, QUATIX 6, Approach S62 and D2 Delta series have a pulse oximeter inside that allows to evaluate the oxygen saturation in the blood and the breathing of the subject, one

of the elements that allows a first analysis of the physical condition of a potential coronavirus patient "concludes Viganò.

Garmin Italy has provided Healthia with free access to its API (Application Program Interface) and to the suite of SDK tools (Software Development Kit) that allow you to achieve, in a simpler and more immediate way, programs and applications. In this way the future app will collect data from smartwatches, and the information thus acquired will feed an Artificial Intelligence engine to build the risk profiles of the individual citizens monitored. The result will be an indication of the diagnostic tests of the subjects identified minimizing the number of false positives and false negatives, so as to intervene quickly and with greater effectiveness on the potential infected by Covid-19.

«We currently estimate that in Italy they are beyond 50.000 people with a Garmin tool compatible with these features, and that they could in reasonably short time, be part of this national research – concludes Viganò – and which represents a world premiere ».

The project will be presented starting from mid-April to the announcement launched by the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization in collaboration with the Ministry for Economic Development and with the Ministry of University and Research, so you can have the availability of the app relatively quickly.

To defeat this pandemic evil, then, a Big Data operation will have to be built starting from the information of the population, precise and tidy, just as a house is a set of stones arranged in an exact and rational way. Just as Henri Poincarè would have taught.

of team 19 April 2020