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Ibex of Gran Paradiso Park – When you see more

The symbol of the Gran Paradiso Park is the mountain goat, It is quite common to see and photograph also closely. Higher concentrations are found, during the summer, in the valleys of Cogne and Savarenche valleys.

The Ibex, symbol of the species Gran Paradiso National Park, It grows in Prairies d ’ high altitude and on the Rocky walls. The differences between the male and female are very prominent; at the end of the autumn ’ the average weight of adult males is about 90 kg, with an average length of about 160 cm. The females weigh 35-49 kg and have an average length of 135 cm. Is an animal featuring horns cave and permanent, a horny covering case of bones. The horns of the male are much longer and thick and have a maximum length of 92 cm. In females are thinner and shorter and are moderately long 34 cm.

Its diet is made up exclusively of fresh grass in summer, While you complete with shrubs, sprouts, Lichens and conifer needles in other seasons. The Alpine ibex risked l ’ extinction in the late 19th century and survived only in the valleys that today make up the Gran Paradiso National Park. His presence in the Park has never suffered interruptions and, currently, is uniformly present in all the valleys of ’ protected area. In Val Soana and lower Valle Orco its distribution is discontinuous.

The Ibex is given special attention and protection on the part of the Park and are dedicated to him a number of research projects and conservation. From Gran Paradiso every year many mountain goats for reintroduction of the species on the ’ Alps.

Among mammals, remember that you may encounter during the walks Chamois, Groundhogs, hares, foxes, rates, stoats, weasels, Martens, Martens. It is common to run also in birds of prey, such as L'Aquila, the bearded vulture (returned recently to nest in ’ protected area), the Buzzard, the Kestrel, the sparrow hawk, the goshawk, the eagle owl, tawny owls and birds such as ptarmigan, black grouse, Rock Partridge, green woodpecker, great spotted Woodpecker, Hazel Grouse, Dipper, Robin, Thrush, Garden Warbler, common treecreeper, Woodpecker and many more. There are many varieties of reptiles, insects and amphibians, as the vipers, the butterfly Parnassius, newts and salamanders.

of team 18 August 2016