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Summer holidays 2018 in Austria : …Carinthia for the whole family !

Spending a vacamza with family in the summer is the right reward to relax and take a break. The nature and the fun of the Austrian mountains in Carinthia guarantee fun for the whole family ...

Summer in Carinthia is a special feeling, a journey that makes us rediscover the values ​​of the land and the beauty of the outdoors with loved ones. The southern region of Austria, in the midst of a pristine natural landscape and pure water lakes and a majestic mountain scenery, It is the ideal place to spend a vacation that brings you back to savor tastes, experiences and memories of a bygone age. And so, including an afternoon spent on the farm to produce good fresh butter and a hike on the Katschberg, here it is that you can have fun fishing in the lakes or touch the sky with a finger making a ride on the balloon or climbing the Pyramidenkogel, the panoramic tower of Europe's highest wood. Carinthia offers all this thanks to the hotels meant for young and old needs of guests who succeed in combining availability and acceptance.

Small pensions, holidays farmhouse or "Familienhotel" certified: all that remains is to choose.

A holiday spent with the family in Carinthia allows you to experience a mix of emotions that make you rediscover all the senses the "will to live". This splendid southernmost region is ready to offer a green oasis of peace and forget the hectic everyday life and rediscover the happiness of the pleasure of being together and sharing the magic. Thanks to the great variety offered by its territory, young and old can find what they are looking for any holiday: excursions, cycling, golf e wellness. But, especially, They have the opportunity to live new experiences as conquer the lake in rowboat, paddle a canoe across a river, learn the secrets of the cows milking or butter preparation on a farm, to test the balance with the stand-up-paddling, jump into the water from a tree or search for fish in a clear brook. In short, a holiday where discover the rules at the base of happiness.

OFFERS in Carinthia

A nature to discover together

Running barefoot on the grass of the pastures green, sink your toes in the soft bottom of the forest covered with a thick layer of moss, and feel the tickle that make pine needles under your toes. In you can participate in guided walks barefoot in the Nock Mountains Biosphere Park, that are closed with a beneficial bath to Speik. Running outdoors, breathing deeply of the scents of flowers and trees of nature is fun for all ages. But Carinthia offers many opportunities for recreation as enjoy a flight in a balloon on the Carinthian valleys, conquer the Grossglockner, the highest peak of Austria, or leave for an unforgettable excursion in the mountains, climbing on one of the 16 Carinthia's cable cars in the summer function. Here the south into Austria finally childhood dreams come true.

To give wings to their dreams, then, the best thing is to go Pyramidenkogel, where the observation tower in Europe's highest wood. From up here you can admire the lake Wörthersee relaxing at our feet and finally, those who want to enrich their holidays in Carinthia with a test of courage, can be let with rope from the tower. Otherwise, after enjoying the breathtaking view over all of Carinthia, you can go down the elevator or a fun indoor water slide.

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