Summer Mountain

Summer holidays between nature and culture in meat and Gemonese

Da Montenars a Pesariis, Tolmezzo in Zuglio, unusual paths to discover stories, ancient traditions and a well-preserved natural heritage

Four important new feature guided tours that annually organizes PromoTurismoFVG for summer. Since Gemonese to Carnia, the institution has developed four new routes, suitable for the whole family, that allow immersion in all facets of these areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia yet to be discovered.

The roccoli Montenars (Gemonese)

The roccoli Montenars, groves rounded plant, planted and equipped since the past centuries to capture birds, They are an important part of the regional cultural and natural heritage. Only in the territory of Montenars, common on the southern slope of Mount Cuarnan, existed sixty intercepted where the migratory routes. Today they are kept in excellent condition just a few, used until after World War II. Converted and protected by the residents of Montenars along the Ecomuseum of the Gemona Waters, i roccoli nell’estate 2018 host a series of concerts in which the passion for the music blends with the beauty of nature. Before each musical event you can take a trip with a nature guide to discover the landscape and villages of the country.

The 22 July, starting from the square of the Town Hall Montenars, you can take part in the guided tour "The valley has prima is " which provides an easy route path. They will visit some roccoli, still preserved and constantly cared for by owners. After the midday break Flaipano, continue in the bush up to the grasslands of Cuarnan. L’escursione si concluderà al Roccolo di Manganel per assistere al concerto di “Note nei roccoli”.

The 12 August, always departing from Montenars, you walk up "At dell'Orvenco sources ", a river made of rapids and waterfalls running through the mountain sector of the territory of the Ecomuseum of Waters between roccoli well preserved in the plains before flowing into the river Ledra. L’escursione si concluderà al Roccolo di Spisso per un concerto.

Visit 2 September it's at "Plazzaris and surroundings " long rail vehicles and tracks that highlight the small settlement of Plazzaris. They will visit some roccoli, It will walk on paths with evocative names covered by thick vegetation thermophilic character, You will reach the course of Orvenco stream in correspondence with a striking waterfall. L’escursione si concluderà al Roccolo del Postino con un concerto.

Each visit will cost 10 euro, for reservations (compulsory) and any other information about routes, duration, gradients. For reservations and information: Infopoint PromoTurismoFVG Tarvisio (Tel. +39 0428 2135, info.tarvisio@promoturismo.fvg.en).

pesaria, pesariis

Carnia Stories, terra di tessitori e di cramars

On this visit the stories of Carnia linked to the weavers and cramars are told during the guided tour Tolmezzo scheduled on Sundays in 15 and 29 July and 12 and 26 August. L’arte tessile in Carnia ha origini molto antiche ma è legata soprattutto alla figura di Jacopo Linussio, brilliant entrepreneur who revolutionized textile production in key industrial since 1700. At the Museum of Popular Arts Carnico M. Gortani is told the story of cramars, men from 1600 They left their countries to undertake small street trades.

The tour lasts two hours and costs 9 euro (free with FVG Card), including admission to the Museum. The compulsory reservation is usually Infopoint PromoTurismoFVG Tolmezzo (Tel. +39 0433 44898, info.tolmezzo@promoturismo.fvg.en).

Pesariis, in search of lost time

A cycle of guided tours in the calendar '8 and 22 July and 5 and 19 August allowing you to discover sundials and clocks of all kinds in this small village of with Pesarina. By the clock perpetual calendar clock with giant turbine water, clock of the planets clock on board and many others: twelve monumental clocks set the pace of this walk along the streets of the country, from the beginning of the eighteenth century, It owes its fame to the production of watches but where time flows slow and muffled in perfect balance with nature.

The service is available in Italian and English at a cost of 9 euro (Free with FVG Card), includes admission to the Museum Watch Pesarina. For reservations and information: Infopoint PromoturismoFVG Arta Terme (Tel. + 39 0433 929290,

Zuglio, between art history and faith

A guided tour proposed in the homonymous small town in Carnia, a few kilometers from Tolmezzo. Zuglio Sorge self restoring dell lulium Carnicum, the Roman city's most northern Italy, established between 58 and the 49 a.C. nei pressi della cosiddetta Via Iulia Augusta, that linked Aquileia to Noricum. The path winds through the Archaeological Museum of Zuglio rich in Roman artefacts, witness to the important role played in antiquity and ancient St. Peter's Parish Matrix that dominates the valley of the But, a beautiful testimony of faith and power that keeps inside a majestic altar and a beautiful fresco cycle. Guided tours, in Italian and English, they are proposed every Sunday at 10.30 from 1 July to 26 August and cost 9 euro (free with FVG Card). For reservations and information:

Infopoint PromoTurismoFVG – Arta Terme (Tel. + 39 0433 929290,

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