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Camping Isola d Elba ’ – Review Camping La Sorgente

The Camping La sorgente is a small campsite surrounded by greenery, structured on terraces that descend to the sea, is quietly allowing a relaxing holiday.

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The Camping La sorgente is a small campsite surrounded by greenery, structured on terraces that descend to the sea, is quietly allowing a relaxing holiday. Tipicche characteristics of Camping Elba, relaxation sea and Sun !

You can easily reach the two white pebble beaches just outside the campground and a crystal clear sea of Elba Island D ’ ’ invites to leisurely bathrooms.

The source of Alberto Salinas & C. s.a. s. – 57037 Portoferraio – Isola d Elba ’
Tel. and Fax +39.0565.917139 – Email:

The campground is about 30 The village Rio Marina where there are open-cast mines with a guide you can visit and collect pieces of ore directly from the parent rock. Another highlight is a visit to the Museum of minerals exhibiting in secure message boards of cubic crystals or pentadodecahedron of pyrite along with other wonderful mineral blocks all elban backgrounds.
For info on the mines of Rio Marina: Tel 0565 962088.

For trekkers from the campsite you can reach the headland Enfola and make the circumnavigation of Cape in about two hours. An easy and suitable for children except the last part of the path that reaches the boss where you pass through breathtaking cliffs with sea-green reflections with other views. Interesting is also the history of the fortifications of capo Enfola. If the visit is made in the period May/June meet of broods of seagulls, by nesting among the rocks along the trail, defend the chicks opening wings and emitting loud calls (they are not dangerous).

Other trip, more challenging, is the path 48 traveling from the vicinity of the camp and reaches the village of Marina di Campo in six hours 12 Km away. Practically crosses the island from North to South. Are guaranteed meetings with various specimens of fauna kinds boars, hares, partridges and pheasants and also a lot of varied flora with fragrances typical of the macchia, many views to photograph.
The first part of the same route can be done with the mountain bike starting from the campsite to the Biodola.

Other interesting and adventurous hiking you can go horseback riding on the island with various guides.

For wellness and relaxation only 6 Km. from the campsite there are thermal bath San Giovanni, in the beautiful and scenic Bay of Portoferraio. They are famous for a particular "Slimes" from algae grown in the same thermal basin, to apply for osteoarthritis, psoriasis and rheumatic, Additionally seawater inhalations "salso-bromo-jodica". Finally all those manipulations or massage to replenish lost psychophysical energies with the stress of daily work.
For information on Spas: Tel. 0565 914680 or

Elba equal sea, high, Sea and diving there is to discover the charm of the seabed, just soak even a few metres to discover a historic treasure of ravines, caves and cliffs that disappear into the deep in a cobalt blue, populated by diverse and colorful life forms.

The Diving Center, many on the island and highly professional, give divers the opportunity to dive with any level of preparedness. The camping is 1 Km from the Diving dive is recommended with seafood of Enfola and "Ship" which has a wall of 40 fully covered with yellow and Red gorgonians meters, and there are also type lobsters and shellfish moray eels, groupers and Snappers and yet it is not difficult to come across very large step fish.

In the depths of the island are also historical shipwrecks like the Elviscott boat a merchant 35 Pomonte gradually sunk off meters at a depth of 15 meters.

The territories of eight municipalities you can visit various museums to learn about the history of the Elbe from the Etruscan period to the Middle Ages up to Napoleon, the great emperor who briefly was on Elba the Governor and such to Elba the Union under the same flag that is exhibited by many tourist firms.

No shortage on the island, in summer, sporting events, wine and music, village festivals and cultural events.

The typical cuisine is accompanied by dry wines and it's easy to find many restaurants close to the sea or the mountain from where you can enjoy beautiful scenery or beautiful sunsets.

Updated information can be had by calling the A.P. T. 0565 914671.

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