Mountain Bike : CRAFT BIKE Transalp, great debut for the Blues

Is taken yesterday at 10.00 in Oberammergau in Bavaria 17. CRAFT BIKE TRANSALP powered by Sigma, crossing the Alps by bike in pairs and in seven days. The first stage of 97,80 km and 2.215 vertical meters led 1200 participants from 40 Countries, including 85 Italian athletes, in Imst in Tyrol. The blues have won a victory, getting a second and two third places.

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In the category Master success for Team AIL Trentino, composed by Massimo Debertolis and Andreas Laner. The world champions trentino of Marathon 2004 and winner of the Transalp 2012 South Tyrolean Tour Transalp winner and twice second in pairs with the Bavarian Hansi Grasegger, They completed the race in 3:58 ' 16 ", peeling off of 2 ' 05 "runners Germans Thorsten Damm and Martin Hollerbach. Beautiful affirmation of second pair trentino-Alto Adige formed by the Bren Team Trento and Claudio Marco Parker Sah, Guevara in fourth place with a delay of 5 ' 03 "compared to the winners.

In The Grand Master, South Tyrolean Walter Platzgummer and trentino Piergiorgio Daniel went up on the second step of the podium, ahead of the South Tyroleans Hartmann Stifter and Gerhard Unterhuber, third joints.

In Mixed, the winners of the last edition, South Tyrolean Daniel Jung and his Norwegian partner Kristin Aamodt, climbed the third step of the podium. The victory went to Marathon World Vice Champion 2013, the British Sally Bigham paired with compatriot Ben Thomas. Bigham a week ago had won for the third time in a row the Dolomiti Superbike. Seventh place, Instead, for Annabella Stropparo and Piero Pilgrims.

In males sixth place for Daniele Mahmoud of Brescia and Franz Hofer in Sarentino (BZ/ (Scott Team). You are set with the best time of day (3h33 ' 22 ") Karl Platt and Urs Huber (Team Bulls), before Markus Kaufmann and Jochen Käß (Centurion Vaude). Thirds Alban Lakata and Kristian Hynek (Topeak Ergon).

Tomorrow the Bike Transalp moves to Nauders in Tyrol (87,42 km/2,917) before Tuesday, the South Tyrol.

Five of the seven stage seats are placed in Italy Naturno, Caldaro and Sarentino (BZ), Trento and Riva del Garda in Trentino. Il percorso complessivo misura 587,06 and 19.147 vertical metres. Each team consists of two biker. Are there five categories: men, women, Mixed (mista), Master (in total the age of biker must overcome the 80 years but remain under the 100 age) and Grand Master (in total the age must be less than 100 age). This year 85 Italian athletes face the Transalp. Since the first edition in 1998 the blues have won nine times.


1. Team AIL Trentino (Maximum Debertolis/Laner Andreas) 3:58.16
2. Scott Fahrradladen Gudensberg (Damm Thorsten/Hollerbach Martin) +2.05,8
3. Focus RAPIRO MULTIPOWER (Nützsche Olaf/Reinisch Klaus) +2.14,7
4. Bren Team Trento (Sawed Off Claudio/Parker Marco) +5.03,0

9. Sunshine Racers Nals (Paris Viktor/Square Thomas) +21.43,0

Grand Master

1. RaD.SPORT.Szene Ausseerland Racing (Zafar Heinz/McLean Andrew) 3:54.34,4
2. Naturns Mavic-Torpado (Pala Walter/Dellagiacoma Piergio) +17.53,6
3. SIGMA ROX I (Founder Gerhard Hartmann/Unterhuber) +31.42,9


1. Topeak Ergon Racing Team (Bigham Sally/Thomas Ben) 3:57.49,9
2. TEAM Herzlichst Zypern I (Saleh Sascha/Schmidt Silke) +8.46,8
3. Mountain Heroes Mixed (Young Daniel/Aamodt Kristin) +14.24,

7. BIKE & MORE 4 / Team Hersh Amici di (Stropparo Annabella/Pellegrini Piero) +34.19,6


1. Team Bulls (Platt Kadam/URS) 3:33.22,8
2. CENTURION VAUDE 1 (Businessman Markus/k Jochen) +0.03,4
3. Topeak Ergon Racing Team (Alban Lakata/Kristian Hynek) +1.56

6. Scott Team (Franz Hofer/Mahmoud Daniele) +12.29,0

All stages:

1. Oberammergau (PROVIDES) – Imst (AUT) | 97,80 km | 2.215 HM
2. Imst (AUT) – Nauders (AUT) | 87,42 km | 2.917 HM
3. Nauders (AUT) – Naturno (BZ) | 100,23 km | 3.365 HM
4. Naturno (BZ) – Sarentino (BZ) | 73,20 | 2.646 HM
5. Sarentino (BZ) – Kaltern (BZ) | 67,42 km | 2.785 HM
6. Caldaro (BZ) – Trento | 98,25 km | 2.894 HM
7. Trento – Riva del Garda (TN) | 75,10 km | 2.325 HM

Total kilometres: 587,06 – Overall height difference: 19.147





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