Ortler mountain biking tour

The Ortler Mountain bike tour is challenging and requires good physical preparation, We walk 250 km and 9.000 meters difference in altitude.

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Il tour Ortler Mountain bike is challenging and requires good physical preparation, We walk 250 km and 9.000 meters difference in altitude.

1. Stage : Malè – Passo Tonale – Gavia Pass – Santa Caterina – Bormio – Boscopiano – REF. Val di Fraele ai laghi di Cancano. 97 km- difference 3200m

Parties from male to 7.45 arrived in Tonale at 9.50 (Park and bun), broken down to 10.15, at 10.45 passed in Santa Appollonia, at 12.15 arrived at Gavia (Park and bun), left at 12.40, arrived in Bormio at 14, at 16.45 (including two stops of 20 minutes) arrival at REF. Val Fraele.

Tel. REF. 0342902459 pernott. colazione e birre medie 69€

2. Stage : Cancano – Boka Pedenolo – Forcola di Rims – Umbrail Pass – Passo Stelvio – Gomagoi – Solda – Madritsch Step – Val Martello Hotel Waldhaim. 73 km- difference 2795m

Partenza alle 9, arrival at 11.30 The Forcola di Rims (the plenty of snow in the crossing from the mouth of Pedenolo and Pedenoletto, We had to push and carry the bike for quite some), arrived at the Stelvio at 12.30, Gomagoi at 13.15 where we stopped to eat at a restaurant. Left at 14.15 and arrived at the cable car to the REF. Milan sulden at 15.10. Having regard to the delay because of snow encountered along the path we choose to take advantage of the latter to rif. Milan. At the top of the gondola at 15.45 we left for 3129m Madritsch step above sea level (Europe's highest cycle step), sosta al rifugio Madriccio e arrivo al passo alle 17.50. On the way up thanks to favourable exposure we encountered little snow but in the first part of the descent we trample several ...! Arrival at the hotel Waldheim in Martell at 18.50

3. Stage : Martell – Morter – Tarscher Pass – San Nicolò in Val d'ultimo – Saint Gertrude Congregation – Val Mal – Step of Rabbi – San Bernardo – Malè. 77 km- difference 2900m

Left at 8.30 from the hotel Waldheim, scesi quasi fino a Morter in fondo alla val Martello. To 9 beginning climb to Tarscher Pass where we arrive at 12.10. Departure for nice cool down at 12.25, at 13.10 arrival at rifugio Steinrast where we stop to eat a sandwich. To 14 We share, direzione San Moritz , San Nicolò e Santa Geltrude , We arrive at 15.05. Stop for a coke and at 15.25 resume climb for the beautiful Val Mal and arrive at the Rabbi at 17.05. Now we feel the scent of home, just a long descent separates us from the arrival of male. To 17.20 We start from rifugio Lago Crow and at 18.16 We are in piazza in male with a good beer in hand to celebrate this new ride completed in 3 days with a terrific time and particularly hot for the period and as usual with a great company.

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