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Sellaronda MTB Tour The Dolomites

Competition from Südtirol Sellaronda HERO comes the MTB TOUR, the tourist proposal to experience the Dolomites aboard your mountain bike. A unique experience where the thrill of riding in front of mountains recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site meets the use and convenience of the ski lifts.

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Time for a few days and the perturbation of these hours will leave our mountains, e le Dolomiti diventeranno terreno di conquista per gli amanti della mountain biking not only "competition". Infatti, in the wake of the success of the Südtirol Sellaronda HERO, Europe's hardest mountain bike race that will see the third edition the next 23 June, the Dolomites have become increasingly target of off-road cyclists who want to sail around the Sella Group, between a pedal stroke and a ski lift. This is how the Sellaronda MTB TOUR, a guided excursion that allows riders (with a little experience) to retrace the great trails of HERO, without this "work" as in a competition, and savor the excitement of the view of the Dolomites, recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site. Only in the past year over 3.000 mountain bikers have walked the Sellaronda MTB TOUR, and the success of the initiative is to increase more than double than the previous biker season.

"The key to success lies in joining the practice of mountain biking at high altitude with the use of lifts that are open during the summer, said Gerhard Vanzi, the designer of the Sellaronda MTB Tour – this way lovers can use their mountain bikes without having to deal with challenging climbs and managed to complete the tour during the day».

The initiative of the Sellaronda MTB TOUR operates from 23 June to 16 September 2012 and you can access them is essential to the accompaniment of a guide to mountain biking that you can contact in the four valleys affected by the route: Val Gardena, Val Badia, Val di Fassa and Arabba. The TOUR accompanied by a guide has many advantages: In addition to helping to overcome especially challenging stretches or intervene in case of need, local mtb guides will show angles and glimpses of landscapes that take your breath away. The Sellaronda MTB TOUR requires a good physical training and technique, as some trails have small fix. You can start from one of the countries around the Sella Group, then Selva Gardena, CORVARA, Canazei, Campitello or Arabba, along the turn clockwise (like the HERO) or counterclockwise.

In light of the success of last season, other three lifts were added to the circuit Sellaronda MTB TOUR during the summer 2012, allowing it to reach more easily the 3.000 elevation of the four dolomite passes. A saving of "altitude meters" for the benefit of the enjoyment of the landscape of the Dolomites, fun and safe downhill. In fact the new equipment entered the Sellaronda MTB TOUR can help you avoid highly technical tracts like what from Portavescovo leads to Passo Pordoi.

Sellaronda MTB TOUR: the data sheet

Clockwise (7 lifts):
Length: 60 km
Elevation change to cycle: 730 HM
Total ascent: 4.380 HM
New plants:
Chairlift Caicedo from Passo Campolongo al Bec de Roces
Chairlift Fodom from Arabba/Portavescovo to the Pordoi pass

Counterclockwise (4 lifts):
Length: 50 km/53 km
Elevation change to cycle: 1.360 HM/1,640 hm
Total ascent: 3.540 HM/3,520
New plant: Ciampinoi gondola lift from Selva Gardena, Passo Sella

Opening period:
Clockwise from 23 June to 16 September 2012
Counterclockwise from 30 June to 16 September 2012

Price Sellaronda MTB TOUR: 60,00 Euro a persona comprensivo di assistenza di Guida di mountain bike e bikepass giornaliero (price bikepass: 30,00 Euro)
Private guided tours on request.

Technical data route clockwise

Dirt road, 22,54 km – 39,2 %
Sentieri, 9,85 km – 17,1 %
Trail acronyms, 6,86 km – 11,9 %
Asphalt cycle track, 4,87 km – 8,5 %
Asphalt, 3,55 km – 6,2 %
Lifts, 9,73 km – 16,9 %

Technical data path counterclockwise

Dirt road, 23,55 km – 43,2 %
Sentieri, 7,93 km – 14,6 %
Trail acronyms, 2,64 km – 4,6 %
Asphalt cycle track, 8,37 km – 15,4 %
Asphalt, 5,08 km – 9,3 %
Lifts, 6,83 km – 12,5 %

For information: –

Inscription Sellaronda MTB TOUR:

Selva Active, c/o tourist office Selva Gardena, Via Meisules 213
Tel. +39 0471 777906 – –
Quando: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, every day on request

Dolomite Biking
Tel. +39 345 8430374 – –
Quando: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, every day on request

LIMITT bike service, Arabba, Via Boè 3
Tel. +39 347 6935531 – –
Quando: Tuesdays and Saturdays, every day on request

Fassa!, Canazei, Piazza Marconi, 5
T. +39 0462 609607 – –
Quando: Tuesdays and Thursdays, every day on request


Committee Südtirol Sellaronda HERO
Tourist Office Selva Gardena
Str. Meisules, 213
I-39048 Selva Gardena (BZ)
Tel. +39 0471 777900
Fax +39 0471 792245 –

See pictures of the Sellaronda MTB Tour:

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