Natural pesticides

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A time, But even today in amateur use, by steeping in water pesticides were composed some slices of chilli, garlic and Castile SOAP.

Today the industry has developed several products to combat or prevent infestations parasitize on fruit plants or vegetables.

In particular, some businesses have specialised in production of products that seek to abide ’ environment going to hit only certain types of pests or
as in the case of NEUDORFF using components that are not harmful to l ’ environment such as nettle extracts etc…

The benefits are beyond question as regards the ’ ecosystem but also for the ’ user, While you can use on plants as soon as you feel the first signs of attack by pests but this doesn't involve waiting time for harvest.
In fact, all products can be consumed after a few hours of treatment.

The product range is complete with protective treatments, fertilisers etc…





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