RED PUNCH : microwaves save Palms

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The Red punch (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) is a beetle very damaging for the Palm plants.

Questo insetto è originaria dell’Asia meridionale, but for several years now are reported serious damage in the palm groves of Tuscany, Lazio, Campania, Puglia, Sicily.

The insect has its life cycle all internal Palm ’,the female lays about 300 distributed eggs at the base of young leaves or on wounds of old leaves or in cavities in the trunk of the Palm; the eggs hatch into larvae and then into beetles about formats 3 cm.

Causes for Palms

The larvae feed on Palm same tissue, digging large cavities and destroying the plant.

Generally the Red Palm Weevil does not move to a new Palm until he completely destroyed the lives. The damages are caused by the larvae and are only visible when you have colonized the entire plant, that finally collapses.


An innovative technique that seems to give very good results in the fight against Red punch in all its stages is the ’ use of microwaves.
L ’ company who developed this technique is the ECOPALM

The technique is completely ecological, fast and mobile, in fact you can move through any means rotated as seen in photo and apply in time ranging from 20 a 60 minutes, leaving no harmful residue during and after treatment.

Please note that it is essential and obligatory, in order to avoid penalties, denounce the presence of Red Palm Weevil in the case of sighting.





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