Sci di Fondo, Cdm teams between tonal and Brusson. Under23 in Santa Caterina Valfurva

Continue the workouts of the cross country World Cup teams, After the rains of recent days are due to return to training at altitude.

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As expected, the rains of the past days have forced the coaching staff of the National Fund to modify the program of workouts this week. The technical director Silvio Fauner convened at Passo del Tonale to Saturday 10 November Giorgio Di Centa, Fabio Pasini, Fulvio Scola, David Hofer, Roland Clara, Valerio Checchi, Thomas Moriggl, Marina Piller, Silvia Rupil, Virginia De Martin Topranin, Veronica Cavallar, Debora Agreiter and Gaia Vuerich, which are followed as usual by coaches Paul Riva and Alfred Stauder.

The team is training together Army Sports Centre and of yellow flame AI 2600 metres of track Paradise with particular attention to work quality rather than quantity. These days there is some low altitude on rollerski session Wooden bridge, While next week will be decided athletes who will face trip to Northern Europe for the first part of Cross country World Cup.




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A ’ across the team found itself instead in Brusson, in Valle d Aosta ’, where Stefano Saracco (responsible for sprinters) and Gianfranco Pizio coordinate the work of Frederick Pellegrino, Elsie Brocard and Greta Laurent until Saturday 10 November.

Finally the under23 team by Brian Rafferty and Joseph Cioffi is Santa Caterina Valfurva (I know) fino al 10 November with Fabrizio Clementi, Mattia Pellegrin, Fabio Clementi, Stephen Gardener, Lin Dan, Francesca Di Sopra, Lucia Sade, Debora Roncari, Stefania Zanon, Dietmar Noeckler, Mirco Bertolina, Klaus Muller, Maicol Rastelli and Giandomenico S.