Winter tires

Winter Ordinances Veneto 2014 – 2015

Obbligo di Gomme da Neve o Catene a Bordo in Veneto nel periodo dal 15 novembre al 31 marzo di ogni anno. Winter tyres increase safety with precipitation snowfall or ice formation on the roadway

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Veneto, Anas: from 15 novembre obbligo di catene a bordo or winter tires (by snow) sui tratti delle strade statali at risk of snowfall or ice formation


Anas informs that from 15 November 2014 to the 15 April 2015, for all motor vehicles,with the exception of two-wheeled mopeds and motorcycles, the requirement will apply to winter tyres or snow chains (by snow) on certain sections of roads managed by the roads Department for the Compartment Veneto at greater risk of snowfall or freezing during winter. Two-wheel mopeds and motorcycles, during the period of validity of this Ordinance, can circulate only when there is no snow or ice on the road and snowy phenomena in place.

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The obligation will be reported by road via the vertical signs and will be valid, also outside the periods specified, in the event of snowfall or ice formation.

The Ordinance was enacted in implementation of regulations which have amended some of the provisions of the highway code (Art. 1 of the law 29 July 2010, n° 120 "Road safety provisions").
Anas recommends motorists prudence in the Guide and points out that the situation of traffic in real time is available on the website or on all smartphones and tablets, Thanks to ' go Anas Plus ', available in the "App store" and "Play store".

Users are then available to the web tv and number 841-148 ' Anas ' Ready for information across your entire network Anas.






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