White week, more than just skiing there's more !

Skiing in South Tyrol and particularly in Val di Sole is a classic destination for skiing and snowboarding, Thanks to cutting-edge ski areas and for each competition level, But even those who do not want to get on track, you'll definitely find an atmosphere of relaxation and recreation with many activities alternatives to skiing.

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Thinking about the skiing holidays they usually come in mint long days spent with the skis passed on the slopes and lifts. Actually the mountain holiday, even in the most classic of the week, offers an entirely different set of activities that go far beyond skiing. So there is no reason why those who don't want to have to give up skiing starting for skiing holidays. An example in this regard by the Trentino Alto Adige and especially the Val di Sole that despite being characterized by many ski resorts thanks to several quality hotels like the Hotel Salvadori ( is able to offer its guests a varied range of alternatives to skiing opportunities to enjoy and relax during your holiday.

The picturesque natural scenery and landscape of the dolomite valleys allow you to enjoy many outdoor sporting activities enjoying unique panoramic views and exciting. During their vacation in Val di Sole you can choose to participate in several hiking through the forest trails, either on foot or by bicycle, explore the pristine nature of the area. Or you may decide to make ice skating. The less active from the physical point of view or all those who wish to dedicate themselves to white during the week relax total may decide to spend much of the day doing shopping among the small workshops of woodworkers and the many specialty shops Trentino cuisine.

More information about your skiing holiday in Val di Sole You can find them in This page.





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