Killer Bacterium : 35 victims

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The victims caused by the bacteria killers rose to 35, now seem certainly indicted the bean sprouts, but we have to do some more reflection. The bacterium e. Coli grows all ’ in a living animal body (animals and men) and in fact some carriers have been identified among the German population.

You can then conclude with reasonable confidence that the bacterium moves from animal manure used to ’ internal body to come in contact with the crops and vegetables contaminadoli.

Remains confirmed that people who have contracted the illness have eaten some of the vegetables you are examining these days.

Effects on human ’ and medical therapy

Medical therapy with antibiotics was not effective so far and have not cmpreso why the bacterium has become so resistant,
Meanwhile he had to resort to shelters in ICU and hemodialysis ’ use of ’ to try to reduce kidney complications in people contaminated.

The spread of the disease that is initiated by Germany reached these days even the U.S., and then continues to increase with worrying implications for the population.

By echoing the psychosis towards the consumption of vegetables spread and despite reassuring official bodies the consumption after appropriate cleaning and disinfection,
the sale is in sharp decline and the damage to the industry it is estimated to date in about 100 millions of euro; the population began with ’ exclude from purchasing cucumbers (falsely accused)
and subsequently declined sales of tomatoes and salad vegetables.

Not currently understood itself as the bacterium e. Coli has become so resistant to antibiotic therapy and why you're suddenly in large scale diffondento,
the alert level remains very high.





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