Day of ’ wind farm (European Wind Day)

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Today 15-06-2011 is the day of the ’ wind farm (European Wind Day), in Rome begins the National Conference "Playing the game of climate. The EU targets 20/20 ",
organized by ANEV(Associazione Nazionale Energia del Vento) to emphasize the benefits of wind energy, and discuss the need to develop and disseminate on a large scale this renewable energy source.
ANEV will present to the Government the development plan and its implications for employment


Pe events are organized throughout the country celebrate the ’ European wind day, We remember some :

International Regatta on Lake Garda organized from Vela Club Champion for Charter 18 Australian feet.

Wind Marathon organized in collaboration with Greenpeacea in Cagliari : 2 days for about 60 Total km.

Wind walk in Montefalcone Valfortore (BN)




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The aim is to disseminate accurate information about renewable energy and raise the Italian institutions, to make this action ’ common ANEV coordinates a Legambiente, WWF and Greenpeace in order to catch up to our country than the other d ’ Europe.