Day of ’ wind farm (European Wind Day)

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Today 15-06-2011 is the day of the ’ wind farm (European Wind Day), in Rome begins the National Conference "Playing the game of climate. The EU targets 20/20 ",
organized by ANEV(Associazione Nazionale Energia del Vento) to emphasize the benefits of wind energy, and discuss the need to develop and disseminate on a large scale this renewable energy source.
ANEV will present to the Government the development plan and its implications for employment


Pe events are organized throughout the country celebrate the ’ European wind day, We remember some :

International Regatta on Lake Garda organized from Vela Club Champion for Charter 18 Australian feet.

Wind Marathon organized in collaboration with Greenpeacea in Cagliari : 2 days for about 60 Total km.

Wind walk in Montefalcone Valfortore (BN)

The aim is to disseminate accurate information about renewable energy and raise the Italian institutions, to make this action ’ common ANEV coordinates a Legambiente, WWF and Greenpeace in order to catch up to our country than the other d ’ Europe.







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