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La Carinzia per le Vacanze d’estate 2017 in uno scenario naturale mozzafiato !

D ’ summer holiday Carinthia 2017 in breathtaking natural scenery !

Nature has been generous with the Carinthia, sunny south of Austria. In the midst of the Alps the landscape is dotted with a large number of Lakes of pure water and transparent, with mountains ranging from powerful 3000 the rolling Nockberge peaks. From here the view extends over a region characterized by the cultural variety of the Alpe-Adria, from mild and sunny on the south slope of the Austrian Alps and from a population glad to welcome guests with availability, good humor and an ample dose of joie de vivre. Carinthia is the richest in waters between the Austrian Länder: hosts 200 bathing lakes, 8000 kilometers of waterways, 60 Healing wells and 43 glaciers. A region ideal for going in search of the "taste of childhood", Relive the memories and to experiment with new experiences.

28 March 2017
Arabba 2017 : Outdoor d’estate

Arabba 2017 : Outdoor d ’ estate

In summer, Arabba is the ideal starting point to plunge into the heart of the Dolomites: reassuring pastures and gentle slopes allow regenerating walks and quiet desk dedicated to nature and silence. Always surrounded by a breath-taking panorama, between spires and majestic walls, where, Moreover, countless itineraries are drawn at altitude and climbing routes for hikers and mountaineers.

28 March 2017
Wild Europe : Video-documentario sulle foreste e gli animali selvatici d’Europa

Wild Europe : Video-documentary on forests and wildlife d ’ Europe

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26 March 2017
La giacca Outdoor che non teme nulla : The North Face Apex Flex GTX®

The Outdoor jacket who fears nothing : The North Face Apex Flex GTX ®

The North Face Apex jacket ® launches Flex GTX ®, ultra soft and incredibly waterproof for comfort and protection in case of spring showers.

26 March 2017
Calzamaglia da trekking : Fjall raven presenta Abisko Trekking Tights

Trekking tights : Fjall geysers, raven presents Abisko Trekking Tights

Fjällräven, Swedish brand of outdoor clothing and accessories, launches the first trekking the world tights: grazie alla loro struttura e composizione sono in grado di resistere alle difficoltà dei sentieri di montagna e sono ideali per qualsiasi tipo di attività all’aria aperta.

26 March 2017
Cammel Bag come scegliere il miglior zainetto da Running

Cammel Bag how to choose the best women's Running backpack

Trail Running backpack is essential when facing extended tours and is still crucial to have with them the water reserves needed to cope with running routes.

12 March 2017
Trekking e Running sull’Isola di Capraia, i sentieri più belli !

Hiking and Running on ’ island of Capraia, the most beautiful trails !

L ’ Capraia island is a volcanic island of the Tuscan archipelago ’ ’. And’ a destination of choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the Maquis rich of Heather, Strawberry tree, lenisco and Myrtle. Per […]

12 March 2017
Mezza maratona Alpe di Siusi 2017 : Aperte le iscrizioni…

Half marathon Alpe di Siusi 2017 : Registration now open…

Half marathon Alpe di Siusi 2017 : The 2 Luglio torna l’appuntamento con la Mezza Maratona dell’Alpe di Siusi, the 21 km dell’altipiano più vasto d’Europa, 700 the start numbers available

8 March 2017
Duerocche 2017 : un trail utile per partecipare all’Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

Duerocche 2017 : a trail useful to attend all ’ Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

Running towards the Mont Blanc, but through the hills of Treviso. The Edition 2017 of Duerocche, Classic event 25 April, will be valid as qualification test for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, the world's most prestigious race in natural environment.

8 March 2017
Dolomiti Winter Trail 2017 : Tadei Pivk, Elisa Desco vincono a Lavarone

Dolomiti Winter Trail 2017 : Tadei Pivk, Elisa Desco win in Lavarone

The Dolomites Winter Trail 2017 started with an uncertain weather conditioned by gray skies and a few flakes of snow, ma si è conclusa con il sole all’arrivo presso Malga Millegrobbe.

8 March 2017
Calendario Gare Trail Running 2017

Trail Running Races Calendar 2017

Trail running races scheduled for the season 2017. Le gare di tutt’italia racchiuse in un unico calendario eventi per gli appassionati di Trail Running,

6 March 2017
Giuliano Cavallo : segreti e strategie

Giuliano Cavallo : secrets and strategies

Giulino Horse and its secrets to be at the Top in the race by checking the sustained effort with his watch Suunto, la fascia cardio etc….

6 March 2017
Suunto Orologio computer per immersioni in apnea

Suunto-diving dive computer Watch

The Suunto dive computer D4f, already available, è il compagno ideale per chi pratica attività subacquee quali l’apnea, snorkeling and scuba diving.

6 March 2017
FIRENZE URBAN TRAIL 2017 – Dalle campagne fiorentine al centro storico di Firenze

FLORENCE URBAN TRAIL 2017 – From the countryside of Florence to Florence's historic centre

Ended today the fourth edition of Florence Urban Trail, which saw nearly 2.000 athletes run between the monuments and the Florentine hills. The competition was inaugurated Saturday night with night race 13 km from the municipality of Florence Sport Councilor Andrea Vannucci, on the stage set up under the Basilica of Santa Croce.

6 March 2017