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Lo sci alpinismo o scialpinismo è una disciplina che consente di raggiungere le vette delle montagne con la neve e di sciare con la tecnica dello sci alpinismo

Itinerario Sci Alpinismo, Ciaspole, Nordik Walking : Giro dell’Aret, Rabbi Val di Sole.

Route Backcountry Skiing, Snow shoes, Nordic Walking : ’ tour of Aret, Rabbi Val di Sole.

Ski mountaineering route easy, departing from Rabbi continues very wide on a forest road, caressing the typical masi of Val di Rabbi until Somrabbi, all within the Stelvio National Park. Also suitable with snowshoe or Nordic Walking in winter or summer Trekking.

5 February 2013
SCI ALPINISMO: Moletto vincitore in notturna a Pragelato.

SKI TOURING: Moletto winner at night in Pragelato.

Sci Alpinismo : l cuneese Marco Moletto has established itself in the ski-mountaineering race "in Pragelato sotto le stelle", stage of the circuit Skialpbynight, on Saturday 2 February in the hamlet of Plan. The path, divided into three parts, proposed a climb of 850mt, a descent of 360mt and one final climb of 130mt.

5 February 2013
ISPO  2013 : L’attacco Dynafit “BEAST 16” vince due premi Outdoor

ISPO 2013 : L ’ attack Dynafit "BEAST 16" wins two Outdoor awards

The ski manufacturer for DYNAFIT presented a completely new concept of attack for winter 13/14 and been elected winner of the ISPO Award and Best in Show at the Outdoor Retailer Show.

4 February 2013
Sci Alpinismo e Sci estremo : il nuovo libro “Ripido !” verrà presentato al Sestriere.

Alpine skiing and extreme skiing : the new book “Steep !” will be presented at Sestriere.

At Sestriere will take place the presentation of the book "Steep!”. The Edition 2012 presents 175 drop lines from Genoa to Aosta Valley. The book is written by Enzo Cardonatti a fan of skiing and extreme skiing. In addition 500 color images for 352 pages, they should be presented 152 main routes of extreme skiing and alternative routes and crossing the twenty-odd most wild of Cuneo valleys, Turin, and Valley Association.

2 February 2013
Rifugi Alpini : un convegno per definirne Funzione, Architettura ed Ambiente “Rifugi in divenire”

Mountain Refuge : a Conference to define Function, Architecture and environment “Shelters in the making”

Are more than a thousand, Perhaps more than twice the shelters and bivouacs on the Alps: It seems there are no reliable estimates. But what are the mountain refuges? Support points at high altitude for mountaineers, hospitality facilities for tourists in the mountain or visit a few daredevils unattended receiving artifacts climbers in a year? Those who use the shelters? It is better to renovate, or demolish and rebuild the buildings of mountain? How to integrate them into the environment?

31 January 2013
Slavina Cerreto Laghi – accusa di procurata valanga per lo sci alpinista travolto

Avalanche Cerreto Laghi – accusation of procured avalanche ski Mountaineer overwhelmed

Avalanche at Cerreto Laghi: l’abbondante nevicata tradisce tre sci alpinisti sul versante Sud-Est del Monte La Nuda. One of the three remains overwhelmed and saved by the mountain rescue service. Currently he is sued for procured avalanche.

21 January 2013
Sci Alpinismo : Matteo Eydallin vince la Pitturina Ski Race e diventa Campione Italiano

Sci Alpinismo : Matteo Eydallin wins the Pitturina Ski Race and becomes champion Italian

The Susa Alpine Matteo Eydallin, Gloriana Pellissier and Spiquy teams have also won against adverse weather the Pitturina Ski Race. Matteo Eydallin becomes champion Italian ski tours.

20 January 2013
Sci Alpinismo Alta Badia : Torna il TOUR DE SAS nel cuore delle Dolomiti

Backcountry Skiing Alta Badia : Back on TOUR DE SAS in the Dolomites

Sci Alpinismo : Missing a little over a month now to the appointment with the traditional ski-mountaineering race "Tour de Sas", in the heart of the Dolomites. The 5th Edition of the race, that is part of both the famous "Coppa delle Dolomiti" of both the "ski mountaineering" Italy Cup, will take place on 17 next February in Alta Badia, starting and finishing in San Leonardo.

15 January 2013
A piedi d’inverno in Val di Sole : Sci alpinismo, Ciaspole e Nordic Walking in 37 tracciati.

Walk d ’ winter in Val di Sole : Ski touring, Snowshoes and Nordic Walking in 37 tracks.

Several possibilities of excursions for non-skiers or for those who want to try an alternative or complementary activity to traditional alpine skiing: This new opportunity recently presented by APT Val di Sole, North-western part of Trentino.

28 December 2012
Sansicario : Grande successo per il Vertical Kilometer

Sansicario : Great success for the Vertical Kilometer

Great success for the inaugural "Night & Winter Vertical Kilometer "international competition open to specialists in sky runner and ski alp race held under floodlights Saturday 8 December in Sansicario. In addition 160 those registered parties simultaneously in two groups (Sky runner and ski alp) paired. The start was given at 18.00 Come on 1700 meters of the square of arrival of Sansicario with athletes who started the climb to the 2700 meters of Mount Fraiteve.

11 December 2012
Sellaronda Skimathon 2013 : Quest’anno partenza ed arrivo ad Arabba.

Sellaronda Skimathon 2013 : This year departure and arrival in Arabba.

Appointment now inevitable with the Sellaronda Skimarathon, ski mountaineering competition at night that winds along the ski carousel Dolomiti Superski and linking, through the four dolomite passes (Pordoi, Saddle, Gardena and Campolongo), the Ladin valleys (Val Gardena-Val Gardena, Val Badia-Corvara, Val di Fassa-Canazei, Livinallongo-Arabba).

1 December 2012
Bormio ospita il primo raduno del settore giovanile di Sci Alpinismo

Bormio is hosting the first meeting of the youth sector of Alpine skiing

This past weekend was held on the slopes of the Stelvio and Bormio 2000 the third annual national meeting for young ski mountaineering. The three-day National ski mountaineering Committee commissioned by the Fisi and organized by the Sci Club Alta Valtellina wanted to focus on the formative aspect of future ski mountaineers.

8 November 2012
Sci alpinismo, azzurri di Cdm a Falcade dal 15 novembre

Ski touring, Cdm Blues in Falcade from 15 November

First meeting for the Italian national team of ski touring, that committed by 15 to the 18 November in Singapore (BL) in view of the upcoming season of events counting towards the World Cup ski tour that will open the 12 and 13 August in the Ahrntal Valley.

8 November 2012
Calendario nazionale Sci Alpinismo – Coppa Italia Trofeo Scarpa

Ski Mountaineering national calendar – Italy Cup Trophy Shoe

Made official by Fisi on national calendar of scialpinismo. Italy Shoe Trophy Cup season will open on 23 December in Misurina (BL).

30 October 2012