Paragliding at Molveno Lake

Paragliding is an experience that conveys great sense of freedom. Combined with the paragliding we, In this case, a wonderful panorama, that of Molveno Lake in Trentino. A unique combination that deserves to be seen from above. ! Molveno Lake, credits much of its charm to the natural landscape that surrounds, in fact the Brenta Dolomites are mirrored in the waters of the Lake, and frame this wonderful adventure.

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Who among us has not dreamed at least once to fly? Certain, not on an airplane sitting on a chair with a "meal" offered by the airline but flying really. You can smell the air and see, under our feet, the landscape with houses and people get tiny.

The paragliding is born from this innate desire of man and, contrary to what you might think, Paragliding is not an extreme sport. Do not need special physical skills and, with a few lessons in theory and the presence of a good teacher, even the newbies can enjoy an exciting experience.

One of the most beautiful places to practice this sport and this experience is the Trentino, for example in the areas of the Lake Molveno and of the The Brenta Dolomites first and foremost. And it is no coincidence that the world champion in this discipline comes from these areas.

Molveno and its Lake are very special places in which nature, in one of its most irrepressible and authentic forms, She enjoyed, quite by accident, to create a landscape "for children". A Blue Lake reflects the peaks of the Dolomites and all around the Park Adamello Brenta.

That's why paragliding here should be a once in a lifetime experience. We conclude with suggestions very nice welcoming accommodation, you will find the about Hotel al lago di molveno on www.miralagohotel.com.





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