The latemarium! : Ideas for a summer in Val D ’ ’ Eggen and Obereggen

Latemarium! in Obereggen for summer : Summer proposals of Val d'Ega are enriched with big news: the natural gem of the Latemar Massif will serve as a wonderful backdrop to Latemarium!, an environment capable of giving unforgettable moments and emotions.

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The latemarium! – natural wonder

Extraordinarily valuable geologically, Botanical and landscape, This impressive mountain range, surrounded by a dense network of hiking trails, has been included by UNESCO ’ the most beautiful natural settings and priceless in the world. The newly constructed theme paths meander among the shady Woods, Meadows from bright green and pastures at high altitude. Views that seem to come from the books of fairy tales, yet easily accessible. And that make an ideal holiday location in Obereggen for the whole family. The first projects start already in summer ’ 2014.

Spectacular views

The chairlift that connects Obereggen with easily reached the new viewing platform Oberholz Latemar. 360° from where to admire a stunning view in 360°. With the steep cliffs of the Latemar behind, in the eyes of the visitor opens a spectacular setting, a seemingly endless expanse of peaks and glaciers, the chain of Adamello and Brenta Dolomites up Gran Zebrù, Ortler and the Ötztal Alps and Stubaier East and West. A view nothing short of spectacular, accompanying as a constant, even those who venture on the trail Latemar. panorama (n. 22) that develops right beneath the walls of the imposing Latemar. The highly scenographic context offers a continuous succession of scenic spots in which to explore, charmed, the history and the stories of these places, from the stories about beings who live among rock crevices at Legends of the Latemar, up to the historic border clashes.

Da scenario naturale a spettacolo naturalistico

Next summer, however, reserve a ’ other big news: the nature trail Latemar. nature (n. 22/23), designed for families and nature lovers, leads to the discovery of the alpine habitat at various altitudes altitude. Touching several interactive stations, il percorso conduce alla scoperta della flora e fauna della regione svelandone segreti e curiosità. This close contact with nature, the landscape ceases to be a mere outline, becoming a living reality and touching.

Latemar.: in the play of light and shadow created by succession of niches in the Sun and leafy corners, This ’ area offers pleasant relaxation area. L ’ ideal for nature lovers and families with children who especially appreciate the path "Durabühl" (Nr. 10/11) that from the Lad down to Obereggen. Shady groves, meadows and incredibly diverse vegetation are the splendid setting to this pleasurable experience trail. Walking step by step on its path it seems that time should not go on forever.

For the ambitious who like to embark on the conquest of peaks and summits, the Latemar. 2671m offers the perfect itinerary (n. 18/516/22): Medium difficulty, the path runs along the great labyrinth created from blocks of a giant landslide. Arrived at an altitude 2671 m SL m. It will look like a vision the shelter Tower of Pisa where refresh themselves with simple, tasty dishes of the local tradition and find accommodation in dormitory. The view, priceless, as far as the majestic grandeur of the Marmolada





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