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Alta Badia : Summer 2012, starts the season of Orienteering ’

In Alta Badia widens the path of Orienteering, with new maps and creating an "open gym", accessible to all, during the summer months. 14 – 16 September 2012: a weekend of "sport of Woods", for racers and amateurs, no age limit.

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The Dolomites, Unesco world natural heritage, are the scenario to the second edition of ORIENTEERING in Alta Badia. The event is organized by ASD Alta Badia Events with the expertise of the Association IKP lawn and the Tourist Board Alta Badia.

During the "Trofeo delle Regioni 2012" scheduled in Alta Badia since 14 to the 16 September 2012, will be mapped new areas with subsequent request for approval of new maps. The Austrian Orienteering Federation has already posted on its website the M.T.B. race or Mountain Bike Orienteering in Alta Badia as Tyrolean Championship that will be held in conjunction with the "Prize of the regions".

Orienteering or "sport of Woods" is a sport that is practiced using a topographic map, made specifically for this sport, with conventional signs unified worldwide. Is a time trial, where the competitor, with the help of a detailed topographic map and compass, have to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time, passing through a series of control points. They compete individually or in teams, passing by the various control points on the territory.
Reached the checkpoint you must register the passage on their witness of tender.
Whoever spends less time; in this sport doesn't always win the fastest, but the one who is able to move faster and to make the choices best path.

You can practice as a competitive sport, or simply hiking level amateur, alone or with friends, the sole purpose of being outdoors and nature.
For these reasons there are several races categories broken down by gender, by age and level of difficulty. Orienteering combines whole families, that the events they participate in different categories, each with their own personal goal and, In addition, the practice of Orienteering can be understood as an excellent exercise to practice every day, racing or as a relaxing walk in the open-air gyms that nature offers us.

"Sport of the Woods" is a discipline practiced increasingly by enthusiasts and orienteers members and provides a good opportunity to promote tourism, with great impact on the development and environmental protection with a view to "sustainable mindset", living in contact with nature and green lifestyle.

The map is a tool to be used not only during competitions of Orienteering, but it becomes an essential aid also and especially for the use of the fixed installation as everyday recreational activities. On the back of the map will be the main features of Orienteering, including instructions to "race" and the sequence of various types of paths categorized in ascending, from easier to more difficult, with the reporting of any cultural environmental variations, as, For example,, the description of plants located in the vicinity of the control points. In "outdoor gym" the Piz Sorega plateau – towards Pralongià, "fixed" control points are made with wooden stakes and at the top there are two colored bands (White-Orange) and its identification code.

Orienteering courses during the summer months for tourists, with the purpose to inform and to try the sport of Orienteering to fans of the Dolomites, attending the montana summer destination. In the program Summer for Kids is precisely a day for kids, the discovery of this interesting sport. Registrations for the Summer for Kids can be made at the tourist offices Alta Badia every Monday at 10:00 at the event Hall in Corvara. Prices start at Euro 18,00 for 1 day to come to Euro 60,00 for 1 week.
Alta Badia Events with the expertise of the Association IKP Prato will perform over the next two years work of cartography in the area of Alta Badia incrementing the two existing plants and already endorsed by the Federation with an extension from 5kmq until you reach over 18 Sq km in cartography.

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