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La Sportiva MaverInk, the customizable mountain shoe…

The climbing shoe is for climbers one of the few "Tools" necessary to succeed in their businesses, whether large or small, and for every climber is basically a different type of climb and then accordingly also different shoes, or otherwise adaptable to your foot.

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Choosing the correct shoe for your foot morphology and the kind of climbing you will practice is indeed one of the most complex parts and requiring a major reasoning as to which is your ideal shoe.

The question is purely functional is associated then that more exquisitely aesthetic: gone are the years in which the manufacturers of climbing shoes used to launch its own unique coloring models, often unisex, iconizzando the product as well as functionality for aesthetics, a little for marketing reasons and mainly for reasons of production. Nowadays it is very common to find the same model in different colours, a bit like always happens for the sneakers for example, on the other hand the climber is no exception and like everyone else he wants sports express their personality while practicing the sport he loves.

Space then to color and different graphics able to stand out on the rock and why not, own customizations made with markers or tattoo inks: just take a look at the foot of the cliffs or inside the indoor gyms and notice how is anything but rare to find shoes totally misrepresented in aesthetics from doodles, written, dedications made to make it even more special and personalized that tool as personal and important.


Born from this observation the new product of casa La Sportiva, always been the worldwide leader in climbing, with No-Edge Technology: MaverInk. As the name suggests, Maver-INK (from ink, ink) is fully customizable appearance through the enclosed pens for the climber can "tatuarvici" the desired graphics. Not just cosmetic though since the product is designed especially for young audiences: every component has been designed in order not to hinder the growth of the foot while avoiding excessive compression points, Therefore the fit is very soft and comfortable and for this the footwear is suitable for prolonged use. Maverink supports scaled smoothly and natural instinctive movement of young people following the climber and is the ideal gateway to No-Edge Technology (particular type of construction that provides for the absence of the classic edges normally present on the traditional footwear) with the ability to be "comfortable" fit and not too tight.

Creativity in command with MaverInk, the next level in Customizing climbing footwear.

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