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Anoxic syncope, We learn to prevent it during underwater apnea ’

During the dive the diver uses the oxygen in the lungs and blood, While staying underwater oxygen decreases and increases the carbon dioxide produced by the body.

During the dive ’ Apnea the sub takes advantage of l ’ oxygen in the lungs and blood, While oxygen decreases and increases ’ l ’ l underwater carbon dioxide produced by the body.

It will be the gradual build up of carbon dioxide in the blood stimulate diaphragmatic contractions that should be considered by the sub as useful Bell d alarm ’.
In fact, the human body does not tolerate high rates of carbon dioxide and vice versa too low oxygen. You build so anoxic syncope resulting in loss of consciousness. This condition in water can be fatal.

The continuation of ’ apnea also causes a feeling of “pleasure” and causes the sub to go longer in ’ apnea and deeper; This subjects the sub to a rickshaw high.

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In summary to maintain high security parameters, do not hyperventilate before diving in apnea because this practice retards diaphragmatic stimuli that alert the diver of the need to resume breathing and in practice reduce the time between diaphragmatic stimuli and syncope.
The first emerge immediately diaphragmatic stimuli.

You should never wait until you have the stimulus when it is too deep, infatti l’ossigeno presente nel sangue e nei polmoni viene consumato anche durante la fase di risalita, anoxic syncopes often strike in the last meters before the surface, When l ’ oxygen present in the blood and pulmonary pressure are no longer able to allow ’ pulmonary oxygenation.

Remember that the most important point to reach goals in apnea is definitely (In addition to technical and athletic preparation) the psychological tranquillity.

of Naturaestrema.it team 13 February 2012