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Gabriele Dani apnea spearfishing in video – Here are the new champion Spearfishing video

Gabriele Dani apnea spearfishing in videos 2013 ; Extreme spearfishing for sample world pescasub abysmal Recorman. Scuba diving in the wreck - Spearfishing in deep seabed, Deep spearfishing - Recall of fish in underwater fishing.

Here is available on our new Youtube Channel video of underwater fishing in sleep apnea Gabriele Dani; Extreme spearfishing world Recorman champion abysmal pescasub. In questi Video di spearfishing Gabriele Dani catching Groupers tits around 40 m average depth. Catches and outstanding performance that confirm the ’ athlete break between the best Italian divers.

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Deep freediving spearfishing techniques

Spearfishing Croakers in 38,9 Mt

Abyssal Spearfishing

of team 8 August 2013