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Spearfishing apnea – New itineraries

New itinereari of spearfishing reserve always great emotions but require us questions about the type of equipment and setting underwater fishing trip.

When you arrive on site observe the coast and consider that what you are seeing is a continuation of the sunken coast, This will help you to understand the splashback. If on the coast there are some capes probably also the submerged part will be steep and the bottom will drop suddenly to profound dimensions, If you are located in an area of beaches even the depths will be sandy and sweeter in ’ increase depth.

Generally the mixed shallow waters are those that are most likely to give you satisfaction and will give you chance to catch. From shore you can identify with low coasts and jagged.

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If your physical conditions and your experience and technical capacity I would allow, deeper areas identified by promontories on the coast will give you emotions, split rock walls may be full of holes or loose-fish, but the depth and the technical difficulties in these areas are not suitable for beginners.

Once in the water you will need to assess the current and the area's exposure to the Sun l ’. If the power comes from the open sea, the visibility can be reduced and afrronterete a fishing in shallow waters, If the power comes from the coast you'll have to go deeper to see interesting preys.

Plan your dive depending on your level of fitness, If you immerse yourself occasionally, you won't feel with performance on the limit of your ability.

The less experienced, especially in an area not known, where you don't know l current trends ’, will take water only in calm condition, While most experts with appropriate athletic training, will try to catch even with sea “wonderful volcanic view make this” some nice prey in inshore, as sea bream, salps and sea bream. Consider that the wind will affect the ocean currents and sea swell conditions may vary.

When we enter into hunting and fishing a new area we recommend a Speargun medium-long (90cm) that may be suitable for long shots and will be operational even in poor visibility. This length allows a good swing and good handling.

The piombaturto be lightweight and balanced for a fishing in shallow waters, However if the weather conditions permit (But first of all the vs.. preparation) You can increase the ballast so as to be balanced to greater depths.

The technique of spearfishing che meglio si addice ad una zona sconosciuta è quella mista. The address such as ambushes and aspects will adapt and behave adapted to the conditions of the sea bed and the positions of the preys.

In summary, try to start the fishing isn't in a new area, already from Earth by analyzing costs, the winds and weather conditions, plan a sort of itinerary and quote your equipment. This will allow a better result in action ’ underwater fishing and will allow a greater number of catches.

of team 1 June 2012