Mobility Bonus APP : access and regulation

Operation of the Mobility Bonus APP, regulation and access to the application

To get the coupon, it will be necessary to use the application accessible from the site ( exclusively with SPID credentials (Public Digital Identity System).

There are two methods of reimbursement:

METHOD’ 1 (from 4 may 2020 until the day the web application starts operating): reimbursement to the beneficiary is expected; to obtain the contribution it is necessary to keep the expense document (invoice and receipt) and attach it to the application to be submitted through the web application.

METHOD’ 2 (from the day the web application starts operating): there is a direct discount from the supplier / shopkeeper. Interested parties must indicate on the app the medium or service they intend to purchase and the platform will generate the digital shopping voucher to be delivered to authorized suppliers.


To obtain a refund of the 60% of the expenses incurred (up to a maximum of 500 euro) for the purchase, also online, of new or used bicycles, also with pedal assistance, monopattin, hoverboard, segway or for the use of shared mobility services for individual use, it will be necessary to keep the invoice and only the receipt will not be valid.

The limit of 50 thousand inhabitants does not apply to capitals and metropolitan cities.

For the complete regulation read also >>> Bonus-mobility-2020


of team 1 June 2020