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Winter tires 2014 – Snow tires or chains ? How to deal with snow and ice on the road.

2014 : Snow tires thanks to their special tread and specific compound will enable better performance in wet conditions, with ice, snow or winter temperatures. The winter tires also called snow tires, ideal for trips into the street and Highway. In extreme situations of deep snow, the chains are however more reliable.

Snow tires can increase the security of your car during the winter, especially when the road is covered with ice and snow. Snow tires are different from normal tires that normally are mounted on all cars for its ability to withstand temperatures below 7°.

The compound contains a high percentage of silica snow tires, that allows a better adherence to the pavement even at low temperatures (around 6 or 7 degrees centigrade).

Silica in the mix of winter wheels makes the tire of "tenderness" adequate in order to better keep the road.

Winter tires are classified internationally as M S as we have seen means Mud and Snow, i.e. snow and slush.

It should be noted that the law makes no difference between thermal tires, winter tyres or snow chains; are all equivalent. However although snow tires are very practical especially on roads with alternating or snow on the highway and do not require operation for installation as the chains; the latter are more effective in the presence of a lot of snow or on roads with high slope. For example in the high mountains !

The new winter Ordinances 2013 – 2014 will no longer be differentiated by Province as neglia years, but it will be a single winter Ordinance directing the tires or snow chains on the peninsula from 5 November – 15 April.

The Transport Ministry uniforms Ordinances winter tires 2014 indicating how "unique" period 15 November – 15 Aprile di ogni anno.

In accordance with article 5 Legislative Decree. 285/1992

Enacts the following directive road owners and dealers organisations, prefects, and the mayors of the municipalities Outside towns, along roads frequently affected by snowfall and freezing rain (Freezing Rain) in the winter time, the owners or licensees of roads can, in accordance with article 6, paragraph 4, letter e), Legislative Decree. 285/1992, the requirement for motor vehicles, excluding two-wheel mopeds and motorcycles, carry winter tires or have on board means suitable non-slip gear on snow and ice.

In order to ensure the necessary consistency you have that the period covered by the obligation to be included among the 15 November and 15 April and that the measure be drawn up using the model in Annex A.

The owners or dealers who had already taken measures with a different time interval are invited to correct the date of the deadline at the end of the period by indication that precedes.

To make known the requirement please use composite traffic signs of the type shown in Annex B.

During the period of validity of the obligation for two-wheel mopeds and motorcycles, may be moved only when there is no snow or ice on the road and snowy phenomena in place.

If you were to use the terms the municipalities may also adopt the same measures within areas under article 7, paragraph 1, Legislative Decree. 285/1992.

It remains without prejudice to the possibility for owners of roads to take measures of the same nature, with extensive thunderstorm different for roads or sections of them in special conditions such as very high altitude mountain roads.

Winter tyres that can be used are those approved in accordance with Directive 92/23/EEC of the Council of the European communities, and subsequent amendments, that is according to the corresponding UNECE Regulation, with the expected approval mark.

Non-slip means that could be used as an alternative to winter tires are those referred to in the Decree of the Ministry of infrastructure and transport 10 may 2011 – Rules concerning additional grip devices for tyres of motor vehicles of category M1, N1, O1 and O2.

Shall also those suited to ÖNORM V5119 must be used for vehicles of categories M, N or higher, as it is without prejudice to the use of the devices already included, provided they comply with the provisions of the Decree of the Ministry of infrastructure and transport 13 March 2002 – Rules concerning snow chains for use on vehicles of category M1.

Non-slip devices to keep on board must be compatible with the tyres of the vehicle on which they must be installed and, When using, must follow the installation instructions provided by the vehicle manufacturer and device.

In order to avoid inconsistent interpretations about deployment of means, slip resistant, It is clarified that the same must be mounted at least on the wheels of powered axles.

The use of winter tires on vehicles of category M1 and N1, recommended for installation on all wheels in order to achieve uniform conditions for grip on icy roads.

The use of studded tires, limited to driving on ice, on vehicles of category M1, N1, O1, the installation should include all the wheels, also consistent with circular n. 58/71, Prot. n. 557/2174/D on 22.10.1971, enacted by the then Minister for transport and civil aviation.

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