Holidays in the mountains 2020 : we start from the Outdoor

From the Trentino resort of Fai della Paganella, at the gates of the Brenta Dolomites, le proposte estive per ripristinare il benessere mentale e i livelli energetici ottimali attraverso attività olistiche che ci riconnettono al nostro io più profondo.

"We went out to see the stars". So writes Dante in the last beautiful verse of the Divine Comedy Hell. An omen of the new path of light and hope after the previous darkness. A wish for all of us, to go back to being able to recharge with the well-being and positivity that only nature can give us.
Because to face the covid-19 emergency we have been called to forget the outdoors and nature for a moment, with the result of having canceled the vital energy that transmits prolonged contact with mother nature. E proprio per ovviare a questa mancanza lo Sport Hotel Panorama di Fai della Paganella ha studiato per i suoi ospiti un programma estivo per poter ripartire e ripristinare, first of all, il benessere mentale e ottimali livelli energetici e fisici.
A busy program immersed in the "holistic" dimension of the Sport Hotel Panorama, located in Fai della Paganella, in the heart of Trentino. A temple of well-being and health that nourishes the heart and soul from afar 1885, giving unique experiences through ancient welcoming rituals, where nature is a real balm for the soul. Among the very few resorts with an oligomineral spring ( a water that gushes out with a low mineral content and therefore more suitable to be taken in free quantities because it only has beneficial effects on the body.),excellence is guaranteed by its Wellness Center and the adjoining Beauty Farm with highly specialized staff.
Here are some of the activities that will be offered at the Sport Hotel Panorama this summer, real therapies for the soul:

To combine body and mind in a totalizing embrace there are guided meditation and yoga appointments. The lessons will be held in a special space immersed in the magical bioenergetic park-garden of almost two hectares, with a breathtaking view, full of plants and cascades of flowers.
Some lessons will also be organized among the magical age-old beech woods of Fai, rich in biodiversity and beneficial substances for the body and mind.
Enjoy the thaumaturgical power of nature by breathing freedom and well-being in an enchanted world, where silence embraces and protects. This is what happens during the forest bathing sessions, practice – imported from Japan – which consists of diving into the forest and benefiting from it simply by breathing and walking among the trees. In Paganella you can do it, thanks to qualified guides, in the "breath park", very close to the Sport Hotel Panorama. The beech forest, also called "mother of the forests", rich in undergrowth (from cyclamen to mushrooms) it is the most suitable for forest bathing because it contains a very high concentration of monoterpenes and phytoncides, sostanze aromatiche ed olii essenziali rilasciati dalle foglie e dal legno dei faggi dalle proprietà antiossidanti e immunitarie. Ecco perché camminando in questo bosco per almeno due ore, respirando profondamente i suoi aromi, si raggiunge una piacevole sensazione di pace e tranquillità. A charge of energy for body and soul that will envelop you in the depths of your self.
The detox proposal of Sport Hotel Panorama also passes from the primary source of life: the water. The resort, In fact, it is equipped with a source of oligominiral frozen water that feeds all the pools of the SPA. In più tutte le camere dell’hotel sono dotate vitalizzatori d’acqua GRANDER®. Installed directly on the water pipeline, they work with natural energy, without electricity or additives. The principle of the Johann Grander method is based on increasing the defenses and self-purifying power of the water through the improvement of its structure, thus obtaining the stability of his immune system. An invention that has gone around the world thanks to the multiple benefits it gives to water, including perceptible freshness, the intense taste and long shelf life that it gives to the food and the pleasant sensation of softness on the skin and hair during bath and shower.
The Bionergetic Garden of Sport Hotel Panorama, with enchanting views, it is made according to the guidelines of Bioenergetic Landscapes, a new technique for creating parks and gardens that represents the concrete result of specific and in-depth research developed by the eco-designer Marco Nieri on the energy interaction existing between living beings and the environment. The “bioenergetic garden” Sport Hotel Panorama offers the relaxing pleasure of stopping in a beautiful and harmonious place, enriching it with a beneficial and stimulating vital charge because it is made according to rules that enhance the natural bioenergy emissions of selected plants and trees, planted in specific positions based on their ability to positively affect the human body.
Sport Hotel Panorama will also take care of you and your soul with its wellness center in 1200 square meters, a true hymn to wellness – finalist candidate among the best 6 Destination SPA Italian ai “Italian SPA Awards”. A triumph of relaxation thanks to the seven pools heated to various temperatures, always above 33 ° C., hay biosauna, infrared sauna, laconium salino, ice fountain, Wonder cycle shower and Kneipp path. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor relaxation areas with water mattresses, various solariums in the huge garden equipped for well-being and also the roof garden with "hot spring" tub immersed in the suggestive bioenergetic park-garden that fades into the surrounding woods.
For the caresses to the soul, the treatments inside the Wellness Center take care of it: oriental-inspired holistic massages (shiatzu and Thais, Ayurvedic treatments and abhyanga massages) and face or body treatments according to the dictates of prestigious cosmetic houses. There are four beauty cabins for treatments and massages equipped with Lemi super comfort beds, a face cabin with various equipment including Shani machinery; an Ayurveda cabin and even a Private SPA for romantic couple treatments. The careful attention to detail that distinguishes the Sport Hotel Panorama also includes the exclusive with the Shani Natural Skincare Science, a line of products resulting from the best scientific experimentation in the cosmetic field. Essential oils, scrub, honeys and numerous other skincare products & wellness with regenerating properties that stimulate synthesis and cell turnover for an unparalleled natural lifting effect.
Finally, the hotel offers a range of sports activities including walks, trekking, nordica walking, Tennis ( the hotel is well equipped 4 clay courts), MTB and e-bike outings.

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