Trout fishing in Val di Sole, Pejo, Rabbi and Alpine Lakes

Would you like to go fishing in streams and Alpine Lakes, Here you'll be spoilt for choice. Trout, Rainbow Trout, Trout, and wild Trout inhabit the waters of the Sun, Pejo and Rabbi. Where the nature of the environments and sowing of trout are dealt with in detail, for your passion and excitement in each fishing technique.

In streams Noce, Vermigliana, Meledrio, Rabbies and in many lakes in the Valley, the Rainbow Trout fishing, Trout, fine, rainbow trout and Brook trout is especially nice.
The relaxing fishing can be exercised with great satisfaction both in natural and artificial lakes as the Pian Palù basin and Lake Fazzòn (Deer Lake). All bodies of water Valley, According to altitude and climate, have within them a life more or less rich, micro-organisms up to the beautiful and tasty fish. Not to be missed of course the fishiness of the Noce River and its many tributaries, rich in trouts of different species: Brown colored, beautiful rainbow trout, glistening rainbow trout, prestigious Alpine trout and minnows.

Surrounded by spectacular mountains, Adamello-Presanella, Ortles Cevedale, The Brenta Dolomites and Maddalene, the Val di Sole It is a land of rare beauty and allows the angler to enjoy a beautiful view and at the same time enjoy particularly fishy waters with more than 120 km of rivers and streams and 12 Alpine Lakes inhabited by trout, rainbow trout, Trout and char.
Malghette Lake ; Torrent Rabbies ; Reserve "Marinolde"

Not to be missed during the summer season is the guided tour of the new Central hatchery Cavizzana, managed by the Associazione Sportiva Fishermen Solandri with the important purpose of raising young trout, rainbow trout and brown trout, which are then released into the wild in the waters of the Valley. The visit includes an overall view on local fish, as well as the detailed explanation of the functioning of the hatchery and the important role played by fishermen in protecting the environment of the territory.



The River Noce, with the tributaries Vermigliana, Rabbies and Meledrio, are the main rivers of the Val di Sole, repopulated with FRY and small from 6-9 cm, from the hatchery to Cavizzana. To ensure the preservation of native species, the Going S. produces every year at the hatchery, 400.000 eggs of wild type of Trout and Fario, they are released as small springs and small tributaries of the rivers, to guarantee a natural development. Some areas are restocked with trout adulte.


The Deer Lake (Fazzon) and Lago Pian Palù (easily accessible) are repopulated with Trouts Adulte. Other 10 Alpine Lakes are within walking distance and are populated by Salmerini Alpini and wary Trout.
OPENING PERIOD : may – October.
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# 4 NO KILL Areas populated by wild trout fishing with artificial fly
Nk3 – River Vermigliana – Fucine
km 1.3 with transparent waters in spring and autumn, slightly veate in summer. Holes between granite boulders and flat sections are home to brown trout and rainbow trout up to 2,5 kg wild growth.
Nk2 – Torrent Meledrio – Dimaro km 1 with transparent waters all year round and pale background. These Trout up 1,5 kg. In September, for the ascent of the river Noce, There are brown trout, rainbow trout and brown trout of good size.
NK1 – Torrent Rabbies – Reserve "Marinolde" – Duffield – San Bernardo – Subject to reservation waters all year round. Potholes and waterfalls and alpine environment of rare beauty. The San Bernardo area NO KILL was matched to a new area NO KILL further downstream and separated.
These 2 traits (total 2.5 km) reserved, with reservation, to a max. n° 4 anglers per day. In the upper reaches of San Bernardo, There are mainly brown trout with specimens arriving in 2,5 kg. by weight. In the lower section, remained closed to fishing from 1986 to the 2015, increases the presence of trout, rainbow trout of substantial size and high genealogy.


Zt1 ZT2 and
River Noce – Cavizzana – Pellizzano – Cusiano Km 1.3 + 1.3 reserved for fishing lure fly and spinning technique with the ability to hold a trout longer than 50 cm. Generally clear waters and just cocks in spring and September, veiled in July-August. High average flow rate, large boulders and width of the River are an ideal playground for lure techniques. There are brown trout, rainbow trout and brown trout of all sizes
River Vermigliana – Tourist reserve "San Leonardo" – Vermilion Km 1.2 with permission dedicated, that allows you to hold 2 size trout. Pairing ensures the presence of a constant stock of brown trout up to 3 kg.

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