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The best fishing in artificial stream in Spinning

Which artificial use for trout in the stream with the technique of spinning ? Here's what we think are the lures more catching lures, rotating between, Spinner, Minnow and Silicon .... Some of the most effective lures for use with Spinning techniques L and UL.

Recently there are realizing that to capture large salmonids are unnecessary large baits, in fact is increasingly in vogue in Italy the technique of spinning Light or Ultralight, also known as a finesse….


The most classic of artificial fishing in the stream is represented by the rotating spoon, in fact, all manufacturers have indulged in realizing all kinds of TSP with Golden shovels, Silver, Multicolor etc… also the body of ’ rotating artificial can be stained to resemble insects (yellow or red with stripes or dots) or silvered, Golden, bronze or with fluorescent colors.

Generalmente con acque limpide si utilizzano artificiali con palette argentate e corpo rosso o “natural”, While with turbid water or fish particularly apathetic, You can try the colors brighter and more colorful lures.

The most used in small rivers or mountain materials will be cut 0 or 1, with max weight 5 GR, While we could use larger sizes in streams in the Valley with greater reach d ’ water, where we will explore more than one level deep.

In addition to coloring of headstock and body, many rotating spoons have a tuft of hair that stir bar on ’ simulates the “Moscow” and defines “Moscow rotating” very good for trout fishing.

A valid proposal is represented also by rotating Vibrax spoons that can be used in holes with greater reach d ’ water looking for big fishes. While rotating emit a vibration generated by the body, done at Bell, revolving around the inside with toothed geometry.

The rotating spoons Tandem with double body and/or double scoop will be used only in streams with plenty of scope where rainbow trout or big trout brown trout may be present.

Rotating the spoon will be recovered consistently, with just a few “jerking” impressed by the tip of the cane, only in the larger holes “Jerk”.

Aglia Mepps teaspoon specific for trout fishing. Different sizes available. Different colors available. The spoons are the essential baits for trout fishing. The Mepps spoon is the number one in the world and is the indispensable tool for your passion.
Kit of Mepps spoons specific for trout fishing. Diversi colori Il cucchiaino Mepps è il numero uno nel mondo ed è lo strumento indispensabile per la pesca alla trota in torrente o in lago.
The Panther Martin Ballast spoons with Moscow are very effective in common rivers, they turn when they touch the surface of the water.
I love triple with fly. Available in 6 and 9 grams.
Rotating spoon Panther Martin ballast with fly, Silver. Very effective bait in fast rivers, has the advantage of rotating from the moment it touches the surface of the water, whatever the use or the recovery speed. The scoop is perforated and rotates directly on the axis of the spoon. Perfect for the ultralight fishing. Panther Martin spoons are particularly effective with trout but are also very suitable for fishing for predatory fish.
Special Rapala bait for trout fishing. Composition: ultra light shading from 4 cm; ultra light from 6 cm RT. A selection of Pro and the right choice of colors, every bait in this set of 3 pieces offers fishermen the unique action Rapala comes from the box. Obtained from a fine manual adjustment and an individual pond test, Rapala action guarantees maximum grip.


L ’ is generally used in Lakes waving artificial, but in the smallest sizes, It can also be used in holes of calmer water streams, also in this case the pallets are colored very differently; switching from waving Golden or silver color palette, with or without colored inserts, with blades that resemble the livery of brown trout, Rainbow Trout or rainbow trout, resembling retrieving small minnows.

Especially for trout and Chub, lures spinner are much too fast and not foaming water capturing; indeed to work well should be able to get off at mezzacqua without too much current.

Il cucchiaino ondulante andrà recuperato in modo costante ma con continui “jerking” impressed by the tip of the cane “Jerk”.



Speaking of minnow, We must obligatorily from who invented this type of lure : the RAPALA….

The Rapala Minnow It was built in all shapes and colours as possible and during the ’ fishing action moves in an irresistible, is recommended in streams with good reach or in holes bigger than torrentini, should be used together to fly reels with high recovery ratio in order to make it work correctly even in the current situations, simulating a fish in trouble.

In recent years many manufacturers that have introduced products and very disparate materials and colors capturing.

The shapes and weight of monnows may be likely to vary ’ ’ artificial structure of l by getting and then define surface or bottom baits.

Surface Lipless Minnow

Questi minnows lavorano solo in superficie e sono completamente galleggianti. The surface minnow are thrilling when capturing, because the surface and ’ bite comes just it is common to see the fish coming out from ’ water so noisy and exciting.

L ’ using Buzz bait, Walk the dog, Skitter walk, Rapala X-Rap or Popper is preferable in Lakes looking for Black Bass, Lucci or large lake trout.

Minnow with flat paddle, floating

The minnows that have a flat paddle, hanno un piccolo affondamento quando vengono recuperati e lavorano in superficie o sotto il pelo dell’acqua a seconda della velocità di recupero

Minnow affondanti, sinking

Sono artificiali che quando vengono recuperati hanno un movimento veloce. Tend to sink, in modo da lavorare qualche metro al di sotto della superficie, then you can use in lakes or rivers in the Valley waiting for sink after launching and using them to probe different depths.

To fish in the river we will use of minnows to 3 or 5 cm in length generally the type of surface or floating in search of trout, cavedani e salmerini ( Particularly in mountain materials, We recommend the Rapala 3 cm TR).

Il minnow andrà sempre recuperato in modo costante, alternating at times l ’ addition of ’ action in “RIP” impressed by the tip of the cane “Jerk”.



Special Rapala bait for trout fishing. Composition: Countdown 5 cm colori RT, Floater 5 cm colors MN and TR Sold in 1 box with 3 esche.
Special Rapala bait for trout fishing. Composition: Countdown 3 cm colori MN, TR, RT. Sold in 1 box with 3 esche.
Specific silicone worms for trout fishing, colore brown, anglewarm dimensions, weight 22.7 grams.
Neutral Berkley silicone worms, dimensions : 15 cm, catching aroma.
Berkley natural brown earthworm silicone. Earthworm size, preferential use spring and summer.

The best SILICONE ARTIFICIAL and Jig Heads

The plastic lures( in rubber), triggered on Jig Heads allow you to fish even in stretches of streams with little water or with very small spaces where you are unable to properly work the spoon or the minnow. Fishing with the gum is similar to fishing at the touch, in fact you throw l artificial ’ probing holes in many areas, leaving the vermone and balzellare with the Jerk of the rod; Reel recovery is less important than in the classic spinning and more slowly.

And’ l ’ essence of fishing “finesse” When the ’ armor must be absolutely light Jig Heads weighing between 0,8 GR and 1,5 GR. In our opinion the best and most are capturing the heads with ring for attaching the carabiner in line with the ’ love (no offset).

On ’ love of the measure 2 or 1, artificial innescheremo silicone rubber with a length of about 7 cm and diameter rather content. In Creek, especially in the mountains, the best colors are those natural or light pink, Since the preys are accustomed in a peaceful and natural.

I migliori secondo noi sono i prodotti Berkley Gulp Alive Nightcrawler colore natural, che oltre ad essere prodotti in gomma siliconica molto morbida sono intrisi di liquidi che attirano fortemente le prede. In general the tires with diameters of 7, 8 mm in natural color can be used in stream with good results, behind the boulders or in marginal areas of the holes.



In summary, are recommended as the best lures for stream, i piccoli cucchiaini rotanti di taglia 0 or 1, with max weight 5 GR, the minnow floating measurement 3 or 5 cm with coloration similar to the Chub or small brown trout, Berkley Gulp Alive type rubbers or Nightcrawler natural, or small tires (between 6 and 8 cm long, light pink) to use on Jig Heads, con attacco in linea e peso tra 0,8 and 1,5 GR. Le esche siliconiche che sono originalmente più lunghe devono essere accorciate prima dell’utilizzo.

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