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The best Running shoes, How do those by trail and mountain ?

Want to know how must be the best trail running shoes ? You're in the right place ! In the article on the best trail running shoes find out what should be the basic technical characteristics to have some good running shoes and what are the best materials and the brands that produce the best models.

The trail running shoe should be light, durable and cushioned, in order to face all kinds of difficult routes easily : muddy, Rocky or wet. The choice of trail running shoe depends on the terrain on which will be mainly used, in fact the models vary when used on homogeneous surfaces such as asphalt ’ up to the most extreme off-road or dirt trails or mountain ridges.

A good trail running footwear must have a gore-tex to ensure waterproofness and breathability, a upper outdoor waterproof and abrasion resistant with gore tex. The sole should fit close to the ground, should reduce the negative impact of the same ’, reducing stress on joints of runners. The appropriate wall plugs placed under the sole help pulling holding brake for traction. The compound is used for the sole can be of various types to create footwear with several grip According to ’ use (Road and trail or climbing). The sole may own an insert rockplate, that is a hard metal or plastic plate that has the function of protecting the bottom of the foot from sharp objects such as rocks or roots. Some models give up the rockplate in favor of a foam in ’ midsole that makes them thicker and depreciated but more sensitive to roughness of the terrain.

L’midsole It also aims to absorb l foot crushing effect favoring ’ boost. The orthotic the trail running shoe is intended to keep the foot dry encouraging disposal of sweat and give the greatest possible comfort.

Very important is also the reinforced toe to protect against impact especially on the way down in rough terrain or Rocky. The trail running shoe has a comfortable fit, but at the same time wrap to hold the foot in every situation. Some models have a waterproof gaiter with zipper for added protection over long distances.

Shoe laces running shoes generally are fastened with ’ special chips so they don't they untie while running, for this often on the shoe c ’ is a small velcro or a clamp, or a small pocket for laces.

The most famous brands we recommend are : La Sportiva, Salomon, Dynafit, Reebok, Mizuno, ASICS, Cloud Venture, Brooks

Some examples of Running shoes :


Technical model for competition addressed to world skyrunning: super lightweight, grippy, aggressive is designed to ensure perfect stability on all types of terrain off-road.
Thanks to newly designed for STB Control Mountain Running shoes, the skeleton of TPU on the side on the upper, comes down to wrap l ’ midsole medial stabilizing footwear. This solution allows to get a snug fit and increased overall stability thanks to the synergy of upper and midsole, In addition to a lightening of the product, avoiding l ’ insert in the middle of the shoe inserts heavy-duty stabilizer. Dual-compound outsole has differentiated support surfaces: the rounded shape of the outer lugs that go sideways to touch the ’ midsole, creates a gradual leaning angle with the ground while maintaining stability even in cases of extreme twists of the foot. This allows you to run safely on the most technical trails in the presence of roots, stones and branches. Supportive bandage on the medial part of the foot, freedom of movement and comfort in tip. The result is a shoe that La Sportiva style offers new solutions to the demands of the most demanding runners, rewriting the rules of the game with a construction never before seen in trail running shoes. Bushido: the new route of the trail runner.

La Sportiva_bushido_yellow_black

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The Speedcross 4 GTx ® is more than just a running shoe, is a true reference for enthusiasts looking for a lightweight and aggressive grip on soft ground. With the waterproofing of GORE-TEX ® is ideal in any situation.

Salomon play with grip


Dynafit MS Feline SL, a model for hard paths of races like skyrace and mountain running. This shoe is a performance model quite light and responsive, ideal for mountain terrain where the rocks, the gravel or mud are the ground of race. Lightweight, responsive, weighs only 290 grams in size 42. L ’ midsole is of type MULTIPAD — built by several layers to have an improved adaptation to different soils of the foot and shoe. La suola in VIBRAM è di tipo MAPPING e garantisce ottima aderenza su tutti i terreni.


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