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Cammel Bag how to choose the best women's Running backpack

Trail Running backpack is essential when facing extended tours and is still crucial to have with them the water reserves needed to cope with running routes.

Trail running backpack should be very light and perfectly tight across the chest to give greater stability trying to minimize l rocking ’. The two zones are placed on the chest and waist and consist of adjustable ties. And’ convenient firmly tighten the laces so as to adhere the backpack to the body to avoid chafing the skin during the race.

In addition to front laces are two pockets in dealing with water supply; While in the back you can place material must.

Camelbak Ultra

Some models have in the back the water reservoir which can be accessed through a tube ride dunate passing through the shoulder straps and is fixed in partenteriore, This is easily usable with backpackers.

In this case you have to empty before filling the air bag l ’ d ’ water held upside down by pushing l ’ air to the tube so as to avoid the lapping (noise) Dell ’ water along the way.


Lighter models (Waistcoat) they are worn as clothes, so are perfectly consistent. are designed to carry only what you need and to hydrate during the race.

Camel Bag Gilet

Recommended brand : Camel Back, Ferrino, Adidas, Meru, Dynafit, Salomon, ASICS.

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