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Scarpe da Trail Running DYNAFIT 2020 to race in the mountains

For the summer 2020 DYNAFIT, Reference company in Mountain Endurance Sports, It presents a collection of performance footwear and versatile, suitable for all facets of the trail running. Models who win thanks to excellent weight-performance ratio, enriched by sophisticated and technical details, specific for different disciplines: Vertical from the fastest to the most demanding Ultra. Among the novelties, Ultra model 100, designed for all runners who do not even fear the trail longer and a renewed version of the famous Feline SL.


The Dynafit Ultra shoe 100, with cushioning given by the new midsole, It is ideal for running over long distances, Come on 40 kilometers onwards. Maximum comfort and offers stability even in the most challenging trail running.

With its low weight of just 330 grams, for the male version, and 290 grams, for females, It is one of the lightest category. The sole profile with S realized by POMOCA, a leading company in the production of rubber soles for hiking boots and mountaineering, gives optimum flow characteristics and rolled maintaining a good grip. The dynamic drop is six millimeters, so as to suit the preferences of the majority of ultra runner. A shoe with a precise fit but not too tightens the foot, thus allowing optimal blood circulation and combat the swelling, even during long runs. The traditional lacing system allows to adjust the precision the closure of the shoe. DYNAFIT Ultra 100 It is characterized by a reinforced toe, so as to reduce impacts on the fingers and be more resistant to impacts, and by an elastic clamp in which you can be stored the laces. The reinforced heel, called Heel Preloader, this gives support and a better grip. DYNAFIT Ultra 100 It is available in four colors of man and three women, in combination with clothing lines.

Numbers: 6 – 13 UK (male) / 3 – 9 UK (female)

Weight: 330 grams (male), 290 grams (female)

Drop: 6 mm

MSRP: 150 euro


In 2012 Dynafit has launched its first trail running shoe, la DYNAFIT MS Feline Superlight, thus laying the groundwork to that history of successes then, in the years, from its collections of footwear. For the summer 2020 the famous best seller Feline SL has been completely revised, among the novelties: suola Help, improved fit and different color variations.

DYNAFIT Feline SL, versatile and durable, It is ideal for medium-long distances and releases all of its maximum potential on soft soil, mud and snow. A lightweight shoe - the weight is 290 grams for the male version and 250 grams for females - that adapts to the ground with each step dynamically and ensures responsiveness, excellent grip on the ground and presents balanced damping characteristics. The POMOCA sole gives a mix between lateral stability forefoot, excellent grip in the central area of ​​the foot as well as a better seal at the tip and in the vicinity of the heel - even on wet and smooth surfaces. The drop is eight millimeters, to guarantee optimum support and dynamism.

The Sensitive fit Fit, comfortable and precise, It offers a movement as natural as possible. DYNAFIT Feline SL is characterized by a tip with TPU protection, to reduce the effect of shocks on the toes and forefoot, Ortholite sole and the rapid lacing system with elastic band under which to store the laces. The Feline SL is available in five colors for men and three for women.

Numbers: 6 – 13 UK (male) / 3 – 9 UK (female)

Weight: 290 grams (male), 250 grams (female)

Drop: 8 mm

MSRP: 140 euro


Comrade ideal for racing on medium and long distances, The Dynafit Alpine Pro shoe offers comfort, protection, versatility and incredibly lightweight - the weight is only 300 grams in the male version and 260 grams for the women. The EVA midsole double density increases the dynamic in the race and allows for a uniform and harmonic rolling from heel to tiptoe. The drop of eight millimeters guarantees an excellent support in the race on challenging and irregular terrains. The integrated carbon layer in the midsole provides greater protection on rocky terrain and the reinforcement diagonal Heel Preloader gives the heel support. The Megagrip Vibram® outsole ensures a perfect grip on the mountain terrain, both wet and dry. Four color variants, two men and two women, to choose.

Numbers: 6 – 13 (male) / 3 – 9 (female)

Weight: 300 grams (male), 260 grams (female)

Drop: 8 mm

MSRP: 155 euro


The "Formula One" in trail running shoes! Lightness (just 230 grams), accuracy and responsiveness. These are the strengths that make DYNAFIT Feline Up Pro the clear winner in the races on short to medium distances along steep slopes and rocky terrain. The revolutionary design of the blocks, combined with Vibram sole with Megagrip Lite Base Construction, It offers a great adherence to the ground and allows the runner to maximize the transmission of energy from the legs. The integrated carbon layer in the midsole provides greater protection on rocky terrain, excellent stability and sure-footed. The drop is only four millimeters, and the fit is precise. DYNAFIT Feline Up Pro: a winning feather weight on steep terrain when speed and acceleration are decisive.

Numbers: 3 – 13 UK (Unisex)

Weight: 230 grams

Drop: 4 mm

MSRP: 180 euro

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