Val Bregaglia TRAIL 2020

Bergell Trail accomplishes 5 age: from 1 January, race inscriptions that unites Italy and Switzerland are open.

Format winning the one patented by Nicola Del Curto who was also recognized by the Pro Loco di Chiavenna with "Ciavenàsch 2019" award for bringing in their own country two sports of international caliber.

You can not miss the beginning of the val bregaglia Trail Chiavenna season that will be staged on 26 April giving to the circuit that collects all the "classic" races Mountain Running: Italian Classic.

Never change a winning team, This year the ASD Friends Madonna della Neve Lagunc will present four race variants to suit every runner: the classic Trail 43 km, l’Half Trail da 23km, the Short Trail competitive 8km with iconic starting at the Piuro Falls and finally the non-competitive walk open to all of 7,8km. (For the Short Trail non competitive you need to deliver a model release, you do not need a medical certificate.)

If you still have not experienced the adventure in the Valley feature that unites Italy and Switzerland, passing from Niagara Acquafraggia and concluding in the historic Piazza di Chiavenna Pestalozzi you must enroll in Bergell Trail in one of its four alternative tracks.

From 1 January to 6 January (PROMO APERTURA):
TRAIL 43km 35€ | HALF TRAIL 23km 25€ | SHORT 8km 12€

From 7 January to 15 March:
TRAIL 43km 40€ | HALF TRAIL 23km 30€ | SHORT 8km 15€

From 16 March to 13 April:
TRAIL 43km 45€ | HALF TRAIL 23km 35€ | SHORT 8km 15€

From 14 April to 23 April :
TRAIL 43km 50€ | HALF TRAIL 23km 40€ | SHORT 8km 20€

of team 11 February 2020