Artsurfcamp: surf courses in Galicia !

Today I want to report a first-level surf school, the campus is located in the beach of Razo, in the municipality of Carballo, in the city of A Coruña-Galicia. In this training camp are organized surf courses for all ages.

This is Artsurfcamp where children, Youth and adults, can do lessons for all levels, from initiation until completion.
You can enjoy complementary activities after the surf lessons, as: Yoga, Skate, Kitesurf, Football, -Adventure and English: It will be impossible to get bored in the camp with the best ambience in the playa de Razo.

The campus is located in the best area for surfing, in the western part of the beach, that is also the safest area, because it is controlled by lifeguards.

School instructors will help you with their proven method of teaching and their extensive experience in the world of surfing to be quick and easy for you to progress and evolve.

Lnovel way of surfing

Educational Protocol of learning in the classroom, combines theoretical-practical activities with corrections and analysis-custom video.

The team of instructors who give our surf lessons has the official title issued by the Galician Surf Federation, and the ratio of students per instructor will be 1/5 (1 Instructor for each 5 pupils).

Students will be divided into groups of similar level and will receive the attention and patience needed during all times of the lesson. We will try to combine theoretical explanations with practical activities in the most pleasant possible.

In each lesson, the instructor will come into water with you to smell you, fix your technique and recommend everything necessary for you to progress quickly.

To make more dynamic the lessons in our surf school, These exercises will be combined with beach games that will also serve as heating and ice-breaker between pupils. Are fun and very useful.

Programming and content of any surf lesson:

• Specific Heating.
• Basic Safety Standards.
• Rowing technique.
• The take off: the jump in feet.
• The duck dive to get to line up
• The peak, the dynamic currents.
• Rules of precedence.
• Rights and lefts.
• Initiation to maneuvers.
• Choice and care material: boards, Mute, Accessories, prices.
• Lessons in shaping.
• Concepts of Meteorology.

We present below the prices for October 2011, for other periods see:


• 7 days surf course.
• 6 nights in a hostel only 20 metres from the waves.
• 5 lessons 2 hours a day of sailing.
• Surf material at your disposal all day.
• Surveillance to monitor free 2 hours a day of sailing.
• Other activities: Yoga, Beach Volleyball, ping pong, Racquet, Beach football.
• Mini skateboard ramp.
• Surf video.
• Wi-Fi.
• Television.
• Certain.


• Kite Baptism: 55 €
• Full Board: 130 €
• Paint Ball: 18 €
• Aqua Park: 10 €
• Transfer to airport Coruña Surfcamp: 45 €
• Transfers from the airport of Santiago at Surfcamp: 60 €

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