Spider 8.0 by Aku on the Summit of Gasherbrum

Aku celebrate the success of the expedition Gasherbrum 2011 that last 22 July has reached the Summit the thirteenth mountain of the world. To accompany the boys up to 8.035 meters of the top of the "wall of gleaming" pattern Spider 8.0, result of Aku in area mountaineering, designed to express maximum functionality in minimum conditions extreme.

It ended with an extraordinary success the expedition Gasherbrum 2011 that, Despite the difficulties and the long waits caused by snow and wind, He reached last 22 July the 8.035 meters of the 13th mountain of the world, the "wall of gleaming", How is called Balti language. Aku, among the leading brands in the shoe market for the trekking and the outdoor, supported the amazing feat of Nicola Campani, Tracey, Fabrizio Silvetti and Samuel Trails, the four Italian mountain climbers starring shipment, providing them with footwear Spider 8.0, a model of high technical content, helps isolate, robustness, comfort and grip for mountaineering activities the high altitude.
"An expedition on a mountain of more than 8.000 meters is always an enterprise, regardless of the outcome. It is for organizational difficulties that a small group like ours has faced, for the experiences that you make, the emotions that you feel and the people that you have the good fortune to meet. It is thanks to their contagious humanity, encouragement to continue in any situation, We could not only reach the top, but go further: assist with success a Porter and a Mountaineer on two separate occasions and bring help to a small association that welcomes orphans among the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan-says Nicola Campani, leader of the expedition Gasherbrum 2011- We have accomplished all that we set out, relying only on our own efforts and support of many people who have worked with us and we have sent confidence and enthusiasm, including Aku, who gave us the boots d ’ high altitude.

Spiders 8.0 proved extremely ergonomic, ’ fit and precise in the use of practical crampons these walls require. The path amongst the seracs crevassed glacier first and then, to be addressed several times in the ’ approach, It is exhausting and requires a special comfort that the Aku they always guaranteed, limiting the discomfort and allowing us greater attention to the location and safety. Excellent thermal protection has enabled us to return without any problem even from 8,035 m and exclusive attracted l ’ attention and curiosity of many colleagues from all over the world. ".

of team 4 August 2011