The Pollino Park launches an appeal to solidarity tourism

To combat the crisis in tourism the Federparchi launches campaign to visit and solidarity tourism in Pollino National Park between Calabria and basilicata.

After the earthquake, the spectre of economic meltdown. Is a risk that they run a lot of concrete tragically – large and small – accommodations of the area of the Pollino National Park, literally submerged, in recent weeks, the cancellation of thousands of tourists and day trippers who had planned a visit to the area between the Calabria and Basilicata. The understandable fears aroused by the earthquake risk, In fact, to make burnt also in structures that have very little or not at all affected by the earthquake, and they are perfectly accessible and completely secure.

For an area that thrives primarily by Tourism, It is an incalculable damage. for that, the Federparchi-Europarc Italy launch a heartfelt appeal to visit the National Park of Pollino and trips, excursions and events in its magnificent nature. On our site (www.parks.it) in the "hospitality", is there a list (www.parks.it/soggiorni/dormire.php) of the many accommodations. (Hotels, bed & breakfast, Holiday cottages, campsites) accessible and working. In addition, on the official website of the Park (http://www.parcopollino.gov.it/index.php?option = com_content&view = article&ID = 275&Itemid = 85) There is a list of all the countries included in the protected area. Clicking on the name of the town, You can access the list of their accommodations.. Parks.it, then, provides detailed tourist and recreational activity information as always organized by all the protected areas of the Pollino National Park.

The first extraordinary surge of solidarity must now follow the concrete closeness to the people of the Pollino area. The resumption of tourism activities is, According to the Federation, a fundamental piece of the post-earthquake emergency ’ management and a precondition for the restart of an area so hard the FA

of Naturaestrema.it team 9 March 2013