Villach Austria : Bad Bleiberg, fun and relaxation d ’ summer in the mountains

The Carinthia Villach, a few kilometres from the Italian border to Tarvisio, It is famous for its spas and for the benefits that these bring. To Bad Bleiberg, of ancient origin in mining, stands out not only for its curative springs but also for climatic galleries taken from old galleries. And then la cryotherapy: a couple of minutes to -110° C can relieve pain joint nature, and not only. An oasis of relaxation and care where even kids can find lots of fun with a visit to two educational websites Terra Mystica and Earth Montana: enter into the bowels of the Earth to discover for game stones, gems and the origin of our planet!

Founded as the town of mines and miners, Bad Bleiberg is the example of how a territorial reality turns into a great tourist opportunity. Chance and luck escaped its citizens from financial meltdown after it was retrieved the last load of lead. For over seven centuries in small valley near Villach hundreds of miners descended into the bowels of the Earth, until in 1993, the 1.200 kilometres of tunnels were closed. Not without forgetting that day over 50 years ago, when suddenly one of the tunnels of the mine was flooded with water that turned out to be highly curative Spa.

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Bad Bleiberg, to allow yourself to relax and take care of yourself
And it was from this "discovery" that became a place with innovative healing techniques thanks to new places to stay. The Kurzentrum, the Healing Center of Bad Bleiberg, find good cure patients suffering from dell ’ circulation, ’ respiratory diseases or problems of the musculoskeletal system and support. Last generation cryotherapy, one of the most innovative techniques: a couple of minutes to -110° C can give a solution to joint and muscle problems. The offer is completed by two climatic galleries where there is a constant temperature of 8° C and a relative humidity ’ 99%, a place to stay (even just a few hours) ideal for allergy sufferers and all manner of respiratory disorder. The caves are located at ’ mountain and therapeutic are extended for over 1.300 square meters: well wrapped in warm clothes, you lie down on comfortable sun beds and normally falls into a deep sleep within minutes. One of the two tunnels, the "Friedrichstollen", it reaches almost directly from the town center, While the second is located in the basement of the Kurzentrum. The latter offers across Europe the only private gallery for asthmatics with direct access from the Centre: What is unique in the world, it comes down to a depth of 27 meters with a lift. In the area there are several and renowned hotels with spa areas and indoor swimming pools with thermal waters and not, like that of the hotel 4 Star Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Bleibergerhof and many private guest accommodation. Open to tourists even the public baths. Finally, Bad Bleiberg is full of trails for nordic walking and running. There are five trails, the shortest is long 2,5 kilometers while the longest 17,5 and the altitude varies from 20 AI 240 meters. Also you can retrace the tunnels of the old mines along a path that winds through five kilometers and from which one can see the revenue that the miners came to the subsoil. For the more experienced will be within walking distance of the natural park of Mount Dobratsch. An offer really complete to get back into top shape.

The discovery of the underground: Terra Mystica and Earth Montana
In Bad Bleiberg iron was mined here and still today you can learn all about this ancient work and uncover the mysteries of the subsurface thanks to educational institutions Terra Mystica and Earth Montana. Through two educational trails you will show how much was dangerous and exhausting work in mine done at the beginning of the last century and a guide will accompany groups to discover the "Labyrinth". After wearing trousers, jacket and helmet you will slide down a chute from ben miner 68 meters (the longest in Europe!) you will arrive in the heart of the underworld of Bad Bleiberg and going through the various galleries attention will be captured by ancient tools and machines. Multimedia entertainment in Italian, sounds, color and light will revive the emotions and the daily life of those who in the past was the work of the miner. Vengono organizzate anche cacce al tesoro (for children aged four years and older) of minor minerals collected and which will remain one of the memories of this unique day spent "underground". For information: www.terra-mystica.at

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