Natural parks : Federparchi and Cai have “Walking in the parks”

An invitation to travel and to take part in the trail maintenance - the 26 may in all protected areas and nature reserves that are expected to join the initiative

Federparchi-Europarc Italy and Cai jointly organize the next 26 may a day outdoors, in order to know, continue and improve the trails of the Italian protected areas. The initiative is twofold: on the one hand promote the hiking on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Cai, the other celebrate the 13th national day of trails involving parks and reserves, increasing views and good practice.
The initiative is called “Walking in the parks ". Federparchi is keen to involve the largest possible number of protected areas, mountainous and not, with particular reference to 13 national parks that have signed agreements with Cai. The initiative includes the Organization in any protected area of an excursion or an output aimed at improving maintenance of an itinerary, or a presentation on signage even at the opening of a restored trail.
But the themes that will be developed in more than one day between hiking, environmental protection ’ environment, management of signage and trails, environmental education and services for residents and visitors. I mean three leaders: distance services, acceptance and sustainability.

All initiatives will be presented at a press conference Friday 24 may, in Turin. For info and contacts on "walking in the parks” contact: Italian Alpine Club – Filippo Di Donato – f.didonato@caiabruzzo.it – 3397459870 or Federparchi – Paul Pigliacelli – paolo.pigliacelli@parks.it – 06.51604940

of Naturaestrema.it team 21 April 2013