Trento Film Festival New Tendecies – the new project between man and mountain

The project "New Tendencies" wants to give voice to one of the fundamental aspects of the relationship between man and mountain: the continuous interweaving of present, past and future. There are countless new forms of approach to mountain and nature and each of them represents the trace of a projected history inexorably towards the future but that never forgets to turn their gaze to the shapes of the past.

For this reason the project “New Tendencies” aims to highlight new trends concerning the world outdoor, but without neglecting the story traveled to reach them.

“New Tendencies” is a path aimed at young and dynamic that sa experiment and questioning, beyond their age, beyond any preconceived ideas.

L ’ aim is to highlight what is new and of value, what they are looking for alternative routes and several possible reading keys.

On the program of the Festival we applied the symbol to films, books and activities that embody this spirit in order to create an alternative route to narrate the passion for this World.

The Edition 2013 of Trento Film Festival take this life “episode zero” of this project, destined to get rich content in coming years.

The project was created in cooperation with NEW TENDENCIES PILLOW LAB, a laboratory specializing in creative content creation from the world outdoor.

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North of the Sun Honnold 3.0 Fine Line Patabang

Wild One
Au Board du Vide La Dura Dura
The Art of Flight 3D



Second Edition of the urban street boulder, conceived and promoted by the Association "Block & Wall ".

Postponed for bad weather to date to be determined – Piazza Cesare Battisti, Trento



The champion of climbing will present backstage at Change, the new film in the works in which she stars.

Friday 26 April H 21 c/o Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto, Trento


All ’ in the ’ MOUNTAIN area BOOKS are reported books NEW TENDENCIES.

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