What to put in your backpack for hiking on the sea….advice from Ferrino !

Decidere che cosa portarsi nello zaino durante un trekking è sempre una scelta difficile. Limestone, vegetation and temperature, Here are the three key factors when you are faced with the choice of the right equipment for tracking wild blue.

With this post we want to help you in this difficult task, non troverete un elenco di tutto il materiale da portare, but an analysis of the territory and its necessity is made based on the experience of Explorando Supramonte that every day they beat the paths on the East coast of Sardagna.

Sea Trek: What to put in your backpack?

Walk all day on rough roads, climb, get backpack choice is critical. In addition to the fit we recommend that the back is equipped with a ventilation system given the high temperatures.
Capacity level usually recommend a backpack from 35/40 liters.

Solitamente usiamo lo zaino FINISTERRE che è disponibile in 3 several cabinets with various volumes: 38, 48 or 40 in the Lady version.

Regarding the clothing, long pants and sturdy are highly recommended, If you do not want to paint scratches from day one: Juniper, mastic and "prickly Ivy" (Smilax aspera l..) they're a constant trekking wild blue and the trail is not always tracked, so you often have to walk among shrubs, their sharp branches and their spines.

Consigliamo un prodotto come gli ELGON PANTS, pantalone unisex resistente e comodo grazie al tessuto elasticizzato bidirezionale.

Being the East Coast in the shade in the afternoon, on windy days is essential a windproof, especially on the occasion of lowered into the rope to reach stage.

Product Ferrino recommended: HOSTE JACKET, un softshell leggero e poco ingombrante da tenere sempre nello zaino in caso si abbassino le temperature o si alzi il vento.

Especially if you take the Trek in early spring or late autumn wild blue, You must still bring something heavier for evening, When temperatures can drop by a few degrees.

Suggest that you bring a heat leader such as Ferrino MALATRA '

This area of Sardinia in particular, 's climate is quite stable and enjoy sunshine most days of the year. It is a good idea however carry a rain jacket, just in case.

Nello zaino noi abbiamo sempre la KUNENE JACKET, waterproof (20.000 mm), very light and compact.

After a soft start, around Pedra Longa, in the midst of Strawberry trees of the Mediterranean, mainly Earth background, conditions change quickly. The higher you climb, the more you earn limestone, more you advance, more the vegetation gets rough. In some places you walk for kilometers on furrowed fields: bare limestone, sometimes blades, insidious and requiring a continuous concentration. Because of this aspect is absolutely necessary to have shoes very durable and "battleships", they are still read (given the temperatures), high on the ankle for more support and with a precise small sole climbing.


The light curtain must be, to protect them from humidity and mosquitoes, more from the cold. Solitamente usiamo la TENDA ATOM da 2 or 3 people.

Just because the temperatures are usually high, è sufficiente un sacco a pelo leggero come il Ferrino LIGHTEC 550.

The mattress is absolutely necessary, given the terrain far from soft. Il materassino SWIFT si è rivelato l’ideale per dormire comodamente anche sulle spiagge di sassi.

For your dinners don't forget cooker and crockery.

If you bring the material by sea, ti consigliamo un borsone impermeabile come il Duffle Seal o il Seal Bag 60.


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