CVID Phase 2 : Official rules for SPORT

The new official sports rules for PHASE 2 of the CORONAVIRUS. You can do sporting activities individually within your municipality and maintaining social distancing.

The 4 May will officially begin the phase 2 of the CORONAVIRUS, that thanks to the lowering of the infection curve, it can allow less stringent rules also for the sports activities of individual professional and amateur athletes.

  1. The first rule, che sembra diventare una parola chiave sarà il social distancing, to not allow the new increase in infections !
  2. It will be possible practice outdoor sports individually, and therefore will be allowed for example: running, mountain biking, cycling road, skialp etc.
  3. It can be done excursions, trekking or walking always individually.
  4. It will be possible to individually practice amateur fishing in fresh water or recreational fishing at sea.

In the press conference of 26-04 President Conte has given the green light to these new official sports rules, without confirming rumors that in recent weeks seemed to limit the time for sports a 40 minutes and the obligation to use the mask.

The importance of maintaining safety distances, is accentuated when running tracks or paths that can be very popular, in these eventualities remember to pay close attention. The fact of being in the Outdoor environment, associated with these distance measurements, should ensure safety.

The general rule for distancing provides : 1 meters for motor activity e 2 meters for sports.

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The rules may vary according to regional or municipal ordinances, check the official provisions, to avoid incurring violations.

For example, in Liguria you can start your sporting activity from 27 April but remaining within the municipality of residence (other ordinances are planned for Veneto and Lombardy). The walks, hiking or trekking, they can be carried out individually or in the company of the members of your family.


of Naturaestrema.it team 26 April 2020