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La Sportiva Mythos Eco : the first eco-friendly climbing shoe

La Sportiva Mythos Eco is the first "green" eco-friendly climbing shoe re-edition of the famous slipper climbing the years 80 is the first climbing shoe made from recycled materials

La Sportiva operating for almost 90 years in the charming environment of the Val di Fiemme, Valley which lies at the foot of the Dolomites, World Heritage site. This location always brings with it a social and environmental responsibility strongly felt within the company, that through working methods and processes with low environmental impact and ISO certifications, has always placed primary emphasis on the relationship with the environment by looking for an eco-friendly approach as much as possible. The brand trentino leads from 1928 a constant search for technologies, techniques, processes and materials able to constantly evolve their products and ways to experience the mountains, and in doing so pays the utmost attention to environmental protection and all possible solutions to reduce waste of raw materials and CO2 emissions.

In this context, La Sportiva from 2003 introduced the ISO environmental certification system 14001 that can track each environmental aspect related to the company's activities in 360 degrees: from the production of the headquarters in Singapore, to those of companies almost overbearing or suppliers of raw materials and semi finished products. Not only, self-certification system requires continuous improvement in the environmental field: research that led to adopt solutions like the use of activated carbon extraction systems, testing of water-based adhesives and the recovery of more than 50% of waste resulting from production activities.

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Mythos Eco taupe (20D801801)_ naturaestrema

And practices for the environment I'm off here and 2017 This perspective represents a key moment and strong push towards eco-friendly practices thanks to the launch of the first climbing shoe in history made from eco-friendly materials. This is Mythos Eco, new edition of the famous climbing shoe degli anni ' 80 Mythos, for the first time using eco-friendly materials in order to minimize environmental impact. Nearly all components (95%) in fact, employees, comes from recycled materials (sole, laces, tie lacing) and with a low environmental impact (metal-free hide tanning, biodegradable skin, aqueous adhesives). The sole in particular adopts brand new La Sportiva Eco-Rubber compound obtained by recycling the rubber used in the production process La Sportiva sealing and durability with performance comparable to a standard compound but with low environmental impact. "The model Mythos is part of our company's history," says the Chief Executive Officer and President Lorenzo Delladio – and following us on our path of growth from workshop to global brand but never loses sight of its own territory and the values attached to it. Until a few years ago to reach today's result, or produce a climbing shoe also using recycled materials from our own production process seemed impossible, but thanks to the constant will to improve and provide a concrete answer to anyone who asks us products with a low environmental impact, We managed it. "

Mythos Eco: a milestone in the history of climbing shoes, Today it is also one of the most important milestones achieved by the company Ziano di Fiemme, Why innovate with passion also means doing so with an eye to the environment and to the future of the planet.

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