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Salewa Collection 2019 : here is a preview of the spring-summer products ...

Salewa presented the new Spring / Summer collection 2019 Oberalp convention held a few days ago in Austria.

Among the products presented are the shoe Wildfire edge, that is part of a range completely redesigned to offer innovative solutions for alpine climbing. This model of shoe from tech approach offers an innovative system that allows you to quickly convert your shoe from hiking to climbing.

Another strong point of the new collection Salewa 2019 are you the Backpack Alpex Wall Contact Flow system Fit that allows you to keep your back dry during l & #8217; excursion.

Salewa does not forget women who are confronted with the mountains and thought a specific footwear the Alpenviolet GTX.

With regard to the Alpine clothing #8217 &;, Salewa revisits the concept of dressing in layers, with the jacket Agner Durastretch Dry, a Chief convertible that acts as technical underwear, insulation and windproof shell. A real innoazione in climbing alpine made with the new generation of fabrics SoftShell Durastretch Dry resistant to rubbing and rock with removable sleeves.

To keep warm during breaks in Salewa mountain offers jacket Agner Hibrid Down Jacket

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Below the product gallery Salewa preview for the season 2019

Giacca Agner Durastretch Dry

Salewa's research and development team has rethought the way they dress Alpine climbers as Simon Gietl. For spring/summer 2019, Salewa introduces new Agner Durastretch Dry Convertible Jacket from alpine climbing, a versatile jacket that alone performs and replaces the functions of more than two layers – technical underwear, insulation and windproof water resistant shell. From the base of the wall to the Summit, climbers won't have to wear other than this lightweight jacket for protection from the wind, by cooler temperatures and even if we were to get a few drops of rain.

To accomplish this, Salewa has engineered Durastretch Dry, a new generation of Durastretch, your rock resistant softshell fabric. This new fabric is breathable and can be worn directly on the skin, as a technical underwear. The inner surface is lightly brushed, to provide protection from the cold when temperatures fall or during stops for safety. The high density braided weaving creates a barrier that protects from the wind and also resists light rain, eliminating the need of a windproof shell. At the same time, this fabric lets pass the hot and humid air in excess of avoiding to obtain too hot during the most challenging shots.

Giacca Agner Hibrid Down Jacket

It is developed by Salewa solution in an intelligent way to isolate from the cold during the alpine climbing. With this jacket now experts climbers like Simon need not worry to cool down during breaks or get too hot while climbing.

The Salewa designers are parties carefully mapping the requirements of protection from the cold of the different areas of the upper body part, both during the active phases alpine climbing both during static ones. So they have eliminated all the padding that was not needed, obtaining a hybrid specific construction jacket for this activity. Chest, back and shoulders are protected by a down filling 90/10 (750 fill power), while in the other areas, less subject to cold and where it is important that the freedom of movement is not limited, They used the fabric Durastretch, a light softshell and resistant to abrasion on the rock.

But the real secret of Agner Hybrid Down Jacket is the construction of the compartments housing the duvet. These in fact are not sewn in the traditional manner, but welded. In this way, in the weld thickness can be practiced micro perforations that allow an exchange of air that pulls that too hot and humid that is formed during the most intense phases of throws. In this way the climbers will have the benefit of a jacket only 316 grams, the excellent relationship between weight and insulation, compressed that takes up little volume in the backpack but effectively protects from the cold where it is needed. So they can only worry about the next outlet and not of its temperature.

Alpenviolet GTX Shoes

The Alpenviolet GTX is designed for ergonomics and biomechanics of women. The research and development team Salewa has carefully mapped the female shape of the foot to develop a platform that could provide a comfortable and cozy fit, in particular in the critical area of ​​the forefoot and heel. The result is a shoe from the tapered profile, but with the neck of the highest and wide foot, and a drop more generous aligned to the habit of many women to use shoes with raised heels when they are away from mountain trails.

From the aesthetic point of view, the GTX speaks Alpenviolet know da. The front of the simple, clean design fits the athletic and modern style of small gaiter ankle, which also has the function to avoid gravel intrusions. The lightweight construction means less effort when hiking, further increasing the overall comfort. Finally, to address the technical mountain terrain, Salewa the designers have equipped the Alpenviolet GTX with a new Pomoca outsole designed to suit the natural movement of rolling. In combination with the compound Pomoca Butilic high tensile, the sole ensures an effective support and a secure grip on alpine surfaces.

Backpack Alpex Wall

Thanks to the reduced contact area and the special 3D ventilation channels that allow greater transpiration per square centimeter of conventional systems, the system used on the new Apex Fit Contact Flow Wall allows a reduction in temperature of the back of 1.6° C after 15 minutes of use. However, keep your back as dry wasn't enough for designers Salewa. Apex Wall also integrates a set of smart functional solutions with the goal of making it the perfect climbing partner. For this the Apex Wall is made of high-tenacity nylon fabric ROBIC ®, a material of 60% more tear resistant conventional nylon to face fearlessly rocks, crampons and ice axes. The latching buckle is an example of functional simplicity that allows to fix the rope with one hand, as well as the roll-top system, that allows you to easily adjust the volume of the Backpack by stabilizing the load. While the shoulder split characteristic of latest backpacks Salewa, do not restrict the freedom of movement of the arms even in complicated took over head.

Shoes Wildfire Edge

The new Wildfire Edge also benefits from some technologies developed for the latest version of Wildfire made only 12 months ago. In fact it is equipped with the sole Pomoca Speed ​​MTN mixes with Pomoca Butylic Compound that provides traction and effective grip on both wet rock is dry. The sole is also equipped with climbing zone at the toe and has aggressive dowels for greater traction in mud and on soft terrains. The structure Exa Shell ensures torsional stability and, in synergy with the proven 3F System, wraps the foot with precision, offering support, flexibility and a comfortable fit.

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